Recent Question/Assignment

Research Paper 1: Assessment criteria
Length/Limit: 25%
Maximum of 1,000 words 1
This is an individual assignment.
Each week, based on the hour of e-learning activity that has been prescribed, you are required actively to engage with the material by writing a short discussion of how the material that was prescribed relates to the topic(s) of this subject and how it relates to your own personal experience. You create a blog each week where you provide evidence that you have engaged in this way with the prescribed e-learning activity. In the blog, you mention any extra material relevant to the activity that you have researched on the net.
These blogs are assessed in the following way:
1. Blogs are spot checked by your lecturer.
2. A record is kept each week of whether you created a blog or not (1 or 0)
3. By the end of Week 6, students choose their best two blogs and submit them as an assignment (due Friday Week 6).
4. At the end of the semester, the total number of blogs you have created determines the mark you receive out of 10 (10 for ten blogs or more, 9 for 9 blogs, 8 for 8 blogs)
Each blog should be in two sections: Section 1 lists the key ideas you have extracted from the prescribed e-learning activity. In Section 2 you apply those ideas to your own experience, to an organisation you know and to the topic(s) of this subject.
The written report of your two best blogs needs to be 1½spaced and has a 1,000 word limit.