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Ideas for the Impacts on Asset Management from the GFC
Word count (500 word).
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Wanted to use this as a general sharing space for starting point around the impacts on asset management Post GFC to get us started I have 6, no doubt this will get harder to narrow down to 4:
Select only (4) questions with (125 word each)
1. The shift to a multi polar world and a leveling of world economies (to a point) and the shift in capitalism from the American dominant ideals pre-GFC (Global Financial Crisis)
2. The rise of populism
3. The increase in the size of the opportunity available to investors
4. The need for a social contract and equality in approach
5. The effects of climate change and the need to assess the environment impact of assets.
6. The impact of technology and the resulting accountability that individuals must now have rather than organisations.
Some of these could probably be extended to other areas, particularly the impact of technology.