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Class Challenge 1
Hendrik du Toit (CEO Investec Asset Management) outlines the international context of financial asset management. Assuming that Hendrik is correct in his assessment for the world economy into the future, what are the 4 main impacts of this financial context on infrastructure asset management (1000-word paper, including 4 key impacts).
Note: The expectation for your activities are as follows:
1. View you tube video included in reference below;
2. Prepare draft paper by testing out your thoughts with your peers on the discussion boards in the weekly materials;
3. Answer the question “what are the 4 main impacts of this financial context on infrastructure asset management”.
4. Reflect on the current financial situation10-Year after the market crisis. Are du Toit's assessment of the world economy in the future still valid?
5. In the 10 Years since the market crisis, has the Asset Management field adapted or changed due to the potential impacts du Toit identified? How has Asset Management changed?

Reference for CC1

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 1209 words including References

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