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Assessment details and criteria

Individual Assignment (Essay). Word limit: 1800
(There are penalties for exceeding the word limit).
Due in Week-5. Worth 20%.

Due Date: Friday 22nd August 2014 by 11:00 pm
(Week 5) online via MOODLE

Attention! Submit this assignment online via Moodle (word files only/ no PDF). If a hard copy is needed, submit it as per your lecturer's instruction. Late submission without a valid reason will attract penalty @ 10% per day.

Thoroughly investigate one of the following topic areas and discuss in relation to Human Resource Management.

Topic 1: HRM functions must be integrated with each other and with strategic issues if they are to make a contribution to HR outcomes or the ‘bottom line’ for the organisation. Discuss this statement, with reference to relevant HRM literature.

Topic 2: Technology is the key to unlocking the productive potential of human resources.
Do you agree or disagree? Discuss this statement, with reference to relevant HRM literature.

You should draw on real-life work situations, research evidence and relevant HRM literature beyond your text book to substantiate and illuminate your viewpoints.

Criteria for Assessment:
• demonstrated understanding of the HRM topic;
• quality and completeness of the analysis and discussion;
• ability to analyse critical incidents and to apply HRM solutions;
• Written expression & correct presentation (format, completed and signed cover page, word count, line spacing, spell check etc.), and clarity of expression; and
• Evidence of appropriate reading & research (academic and other relevant journals, text and reference books), Use of in-text reference, completion of a full reference list using APA style.