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You are to submit a paper that is an analysis of the policy processes connected with a specific Federal/State/Territory government policy that is targeted at Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.
You will need to thoroughly research your chosen policy and read all of the information about policy formulation, implementation and evaluation that is provided in module 8 and the policy checklist in module 9. (see attached here) You should also use the information that has been presented to you throughout this unit.
There are a number of articles in the CDU e-Readings which will assist you but it would be good for you to explore the literature as well and see what you can find. Search in e-Readings using the Unit Code to find some useful resources.
Your presentation for this assignment will be a paper that includes:
an introduction;
a brief summary of the policy;
a critical evaluation of the 3 areas of Formulation, Implementation and Evaluation of the policy process using the policy checklist providing alternative methods of approach to Formulation, Implementation and Evaluation;
a short conclusion that summarises what you have shown;
referencing using CDU Harvard style;
reference list.
Note: Make sure that you cover both the political and technical aspects in your analysis. Make sure that your paper is accurately referenced.
Save your document as a .doc, .docx, .rtf or .pdf to ensure that your lecturer is able to read it when they download it from Learnline.

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 2125 words including References

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