Recent Question/Assignment

Select Racism. Search social work peer-reviewed journals for the following:

I need to be able to print the journals.

The journals need to be quantitative.

a) Three studies which utilize an experimental design;
b) Three studies which utilize a quasi-experimental design; and
c) Three studies which utilize a pre-experimental design.
Write a paper which briefly describes each of the studies, including the following for each study:
a) What is the research question?
b) What is the variable being manipulated?
c) What are dependent variables?
d) What is the population being studied?
e) Explain the designs
f) Critique the designs in terms of internal validity.

1000 words in total ( so about 110 words per journal – 9 journals)
Due: 17 april 2013
Marking criteria
Demonstrated ability to identify relevant research studies that which utilise
experimental, quasi-experimental and pre-experimental designs.
3 marks
Demonstrated ability to describe and explain the research design of each study in
particular the research question, the population being studied and the operational
variables used
8 marks
Demonstrated ability to critique the study designs in terms of internal validity 6 marks
Presentation including clarity of written communication, organisation of the material
(typed with 1.5 spacing, clear margins) and accuracy of APA referencing style
3 marks