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Assessment 3
Reflection activity
3000 words
Due 5 days after completion of professional placement.
• Chose an event of care from your NURS3002 professional placement block (this may be an admission, a discharge, a wound review, medication administration, a therapeutic intervention etc, if you are unsure please discuss this with your clinical facilitator in the context of this assessment)
• This event needs to be identified in the first 3 weeks of placement to allow you time to reflect upon this in the second half of your placement.
• Outline briefly the event
• You must be explicit in explaining how you as a student nurse were involved in this event.
• Address each of the 7 standards stating how your practice in this event demonstrated these professional standards.
• Ensure you focus on what you did and how that demonstrates your practice to be aligned to each of the 7 standards.
• Where relevant support your actions with relevant literature and reference appropriately such as rational for therapies.
• Identify which DMT you implemented throughout this episode of care and discuss how it influenced your practice at this time.
• Part one is worth 50% of your topic total
• Part two is worth 20% of your topic total
Part 1 (50% of topic total mark)
Outline of episode of care • De-identifiable patient date (name, age, sex), do not abbreviate patient to “pt”
• Clinical area (ward type)
• Patient diagnosis/ reason for care/ admission
• Relevant medical / social history
• Your involvement in this episode
• Outline specific episode of care 200 words
Standard 1 350
Standard 2 350
Standard 3 350
Standard 4 350
Standard 5 350
Standard 6 350
Standard 7 350
Part 2 (20% of topic total mark)
DMT used 300 words
• Identify early in your professional placement with your facilitator and staff that you need to be involved in suitable episodes of care to allow you to demonstrate your skills for this assessment, this will vary depending on venue.
• By week 3 of the placement you must have a specific episode of care identified to your facilitator. Discuss this with them in terms of how your assessment will look.
• Week 4/5/6 of the placement you need to be reflecting on that event and your role in delivering care. Reflect on your practice aligning to the 7 standards and the DMT that influenced your practice.
• Discuss this assessment with your facilitator while undertaking your formative assessment.
• In the final weeks of your placement and the week following completion of your placement write up your reflection and support with literature as required.
• Extensions will not be given due to attending placement.
• Please see University assessment policy for conditions for extensions.
• Refer to the marking rubric provided with this assessment task and topic SAMs

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