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PART B: Group element (20%)
This should be no more than 1000 words (±10%)
Choose 2 of the management theories covered in lecture 2 “Evolution of Management Thinking”. Briefly
describe the theory and identify its strengths and limitations.
1. For each of the theories you have selected, either a) choose a well-known organisation for whom the theory
is still relevant and utilised to some extent today, providing evidence to support your selection.
c) choose a well-known organisation which contradicts the theory and provide evidence to explain why
you believe this to be the case.
Assignment Structure should be as the following:
As a minimum, the report should contain the following:
1) Executive Summary
2) A section for each group member containing their individual contribution with their name and student number, clearly identified next to the work they have written (refer to part A). You should draw on concepts covered in the class and use the following required structure:
2.1 Overview of Selected Incident: Provide a very brief description of a specific incident that you have managed using the 4 primary POLC functions. Outline the problem clearly so that you set the scene for your reader and provide a basis for your analysis, but don’t go into excessive detail. It is important to have a clearly focused starting point for any analytical piece of work.
2.2 Analysis of Incident: Break down the task and identify elements of it that fit into each of the management functions (POLC). Clearly explain what those elements are and why you believe they belong to a particular management function.
2.3 Critical Evaluation of the Incident: Reflect on your analysis and determine whether your approach was effective. Identify possible alternative actions or strategies that you could have taken and why and whether or not you think they would have been more effective.
3) A section clearly identified as the group element using the following structure:
3.1) Introduction
3.2) Theory 1
3.3) Theory 2
3.4) Organisation examples
3.5) Summary
HC1031 Managing People & Organisations
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4) Reference list (a minimum of 8 academic references with links back to in-text citations).
Marking criteria
Marking criteria Weighting
PART A 15 marks
Description of selected incident 3 marks
Analysis of the incident 6 marks
Critical evaluation of the incident 6 marks
Part B 20 marks
Report format, structure and presentation 2 marks
Executive Summary 2 marks
General Introduction 2 marks
Overview of Theory 1 3 marks
Overview of Theory 2 3 marks
Relevant example of an organisation 2 marks
Summary and conclusion 3 marks
Referencing and citation 3 marks
TOTAL Weight 20%
Assessment Feedback to the Student:
HC1031 Managing People & Organisations
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Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 1152 words including References

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