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Essay (Individual Assignment)
Due Date: End of Week 9 before 4pm
Required Length: 1000 words
Marks Allocated: 25%
You are required to prepare a 1,000 word essay on the topic below:
“The tourism sector is characterised by the unskilled nature of most tourism jobs, with relatively few opportunities for upward mobility and few training opportunities” (Weaver and Lawton, 2014, p. 243).
• Students should initially read Chapter 8 of Weaver and Lawton on the Economic Impacts of Tourism and should consider this quote in the context of that chapter. Then, in the form of an essay, discuss the above statement.

• In contrast to the above statement, identify one or two full-time, permanent jobs in tourism, hospitality or event management recently advertised in Australia, which might be of interest to you in the future. Briefly summarise the type of qualifications and experience required for those positions.

• To secure such a position, describe the career related activities a student like you could engage in while you are studying at Latrobe to secure a similar job in the future on completion of your degree.

To provide information for your essay students should log into the LMS site for this subject and look at the e-book in the Assessment section, which is, entitled “Career Opportunities – Resources for Essay”. This e-book provides a variety of resources related to the various careers within the tourism, hospitality and events sectors.

Unusually for a university essay, students are permitted to use the term “I” in this essay. However, in all other aspects of the essay students should use formal language and should avoid using casual language such as slang and abbreviations. For example, instead of saying, “don’t” use “do not”; instead of saying, “wouldn’t,” say “would not”, etc.
Specific requirements for the Essay:

• The Essay should be 1,000 words in length and must contain an Introduction, a main body (i.e., an argument) and a Conclusion. The 1,000-word limit must be observed (+/- 50 words) and is the point at which assessment will cease.

• The essay must be presented using an appropriate essay style so refer to the university link below regarding academic writing: This will also be discussed in your seminars.

• Include a Cover Page: which provides your Name, Subject Name, Subject Code, and your Tutor’s Name, your Seminar Day and Time, as well as your Word Count (the Cover Page is not included in the Word Count).

• The essay must be typed using 12-point Arial font and 1.5 spacing ONLY

• A Reference List should be included of at least 8 sources (the Reference List is not included in the Word Count)

• The essay should make reference to at least 8 sources as specified below:
o 6 sources must be from academic texts or academic journals (please be careful when using online journals that you use academic journals rather than non-refereed on-line journals of dubious quality)

• 2 sources may be from non-academic sources including the Internet (Do not use Wikipedia) Reference can be made to newspapers, magazines, and television or radio reports. Newspapers can also be accessed via Factiva in the library database. All students can log-in to Factiva via the library databases which provides access to international, national and regional newspapers in Australia and overseas, magazines, trade journals and media (television and radio) transcripts, and company reports

Referencing Requirements - you must use the Harvard Referencing Style.

• For referencing information please consult the Harvard Referencing Guide available on the library website at:

• The essay requires students to demonstrate that they have read widely on their chosen topic and sought to apply the relevant theory. Therefore, your completed essay should contain a list of references, which provide the correct number and type of references indicated. References must be laid out in Harvard Style, which is the appropriate academic style for this degree. References within the text must also be in this style (the key is consistency).

• Note: you are expected to read widely and document your sources in an appropriately styled (Harvard) reference list. References to ‘Wikipedia’ or to similar unsubstantiated sources will NOT be accepted.

• The library also has guides with important information for studying certain subject areas. These can be found at

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 1054 words including References


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