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Course HLT54115 - Diploma of Nursing
Student Cohort August 2017
Campus Port Macquarie Tafe
Unit Code & Name HLTWHS003 Maintain Work Health and Safety
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Assessment Event 1 of 4
Written task - Short answer questions
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Marking Criteria
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? provide accurate information which addresses all parts of each question, and supply examples where appropriate
? use clear and concise language to ensure the intended meaning is understood
? provide references to the source of information and a reference list, which follows the Harvard referencing style
Note: Word limits (where provided) should be used as a guide only, and can assist you to determine the depth of answer required.
1. Describe how WHS law works in Australia. Explain the legislative and regulatory requirements relative to the healthcare environment and outline the responsibilities of PCBUs, including duty of care and reporting requirements.
2. Workplace hazard identification.
a. List at least five (5) common workplace hazards relative to a health care organisation and describe how these hazards could cause harm and what risk control (using the hierarchy of controls) could be implemented to remove the risk.
b. What policies and procedures should be considered when managing workplace hazards
3. Explain the importance of risk assessment and management in the workplace and describe why identifying residual risk is critical for an organisation.
4. List some of the process and controls you would use during the risk management process and identify any workplace and legislative requirements that should be considered:
Process Tools/Controls Requirements
E.g. Identification of hazard Staff training Policy, procedures, etc.
5. Explain the importance of completing and storing WHS incident reports. What consequences could occur if these records are not properly maintained?
6. Analyse the scenario below and complete the incident report using today’s date:
Ian Miller, a visitor to your workplace tripped over a waste bin that was placed near an exit point from the outpatient clinic to keep the door jammed open. Injuries sustained include:
? injury to their right knee causing pain
? minor superficial laceration to their left elbow
The minor superficial laceration to their left elbow required first aid treatment by their partner, Sam
Piper who was in attendance.