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TOPIC: google entering into china ( it flopped in china )
Word count 2500-3000 total 10 paragraphs intro followed by 8 body paragraphs and conclusion
You are to write an essay where you discuss what you consider to be the major challenges of leadership in today’s world.
Your essay need to show evidence of reading widely on this topic. You must consider the following questions.
1. What are the challenges of leading an organization in today’s world?
2. What need to change in the way we frame and understand the leadership if we are to meet the challenges of leading in such complex and uncertain times?
3. What would be your main recommendations for improving the quality of leadership development programs? Comment on how your recommendations would help to address some of the limitations of approaches used to date to develop both leaders and leadership
MAKE THE ASSIGNMENT AS FOLLOWED BELOW ( ITS WEIGHTAGE OF 40% SO MAKE SURE DO IT CAREFULLY ) the professor is so strict he gives marks based on his ideas so I have mentioned below
Steps to be followed for question one
Challenges of leadership
Cultural issues
Borderless society
Read the article and find out the challenges (make at least 5 challenges)
What leadership style is followed by google? What should be followed?
Some points to cover for question one
Google doesn’t undertake PESTEL analysis
Google doesn’t undertake cultural analysis
It believed in its own business model thinks that It will suits to all over world
Parent company business culture
Steps for question 2
The role of leaders in a changing world is to be aware of new challenges such as
Merges, globalization, growth etc.
How to manage challenges
Step one: communicate the purpose of change
Step two : listen +respond to employees and citizens +concern
Step three : the role of organizational leader is to outline to employees what support and training + development will be offered to manage the new changes being implemented
For example leaders should implement strategies
1. Skill development
2. Accessing training and development
3. Accessing mentoring trained
4. Leading to promotional
5. Increase in job roles and responsibilities
RECOMANDATIONS ( 5 required )
X(year) recommends that in any future leadership management program that the current or future leaders needs to be in how to communicate a vision to be followed

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 2726 words including References


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