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Length: 1600 words (10% above or below)
Due Date: 11:59pm April 10th
Weighting: 40%
Students will design an electronic resource that explains the meaning and importance of a play based curriculum to families. The resource should explain how a play based curriculum supports children’s learning and the role of the educator.
The resource should be aimed at a specific age group and it should make connections between pedagogical practices and the learning outcomes of the VEYLDF
Step 1: Choose an educational setting to be the focus of this resource. For example:
• Infant setting
• Toddler setting
• Preschool setting
• Primary school setting
Step 2: Think about the interests, concerns and perspectives of a first time parent being introduced to an educational service. It’s likely that you would be unaware that a curriculum document informs your child’s learning and contributes to teaching practices. It is also unlikely that parents understand the important role of play in learning and the role of the educator to support learning through play. Please consider:
• What would parents need to know about play?
• What would parents want to know about a play based curriculum?
• What would parents like to know about the learning that occurs through play
• How do your pedagogical practices guide children’s learning outcomes?
• What is an appropriate way to present this information?
Step 3: Decide what type of resource would best communicate this information. The resource should be designed for people who might be busy. It should also be professional, attractive and inviting. Some ideas include (but are not limited to):
• A webpage using WIX, Weebly or WordPress
• An online newsletter using WordPress
• Prezi
• A video using Bitable, Kizoa, Animatron
Step 4: Within your resource, include a visual model to show the connection between play based curriculum, playful pedagogical practices and learning outcomes. This could take the form of:
• A mind map
• A diagram or picture
• An animation
You need to design the model yourself, not use an existing model that has been published somewhere.
Step 4: Take into consideration the design of the resource. Avoid overcrowding of information. The word count takes into consideration the use of graphics, the development of a model to show the connection between play based curriculum, pedagogical practices and learning outcomes, and the amount of design work needed to condense your knowledge into a brief document.
Don’t forget….
Support your discussion with at least four referenced, credible and up to date scholarly literature in addition to the Framework you are discussing. You must follow the guidelines for the Harvard referencing style. The Harvard Style of referencing is used in the School of Education at Deakin, and it is expected that you will become familiar with it. Guidelines for the style can be found in the University’s Guide to assignment writing and referencing by following the link:

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 1963 words including references


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