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Care plan: Modelled on clinical modules information NSW HEALTH
RATIONALE FOR CHOSEN ISSUE -( outline the impact of this issue on the clients wellbeing if this issue is not addressed, use literature AND client information to support your choice)
GOAL/S- (what will your ultimate outcome be for the above problem, direct relationship to the issue identified )
Please write the rationale for chosen issue, and the goals first before starting the nursing interventions and rationales.
INTERVENTIONS - 3 ONLY (the interventions MUST be nursing interventions, be client specific, short term ,detailed –what, how, when /frequency,SUPPORT validity with literature)
RATIONALES -( the how / why of interventions , for each of the interventions use literature that supports the validity of this intervention and its relationship to being able to achieve your goals and what the outcome on the client should / could be )
NOTE – 10 APA referencing style recent literatures not less than 5 years old .

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 495 words including references

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