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Provide adequate referencing. Failure to cite properly is evidence of academic misconduct and will result in marks being deducted.
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Bumper pear harvest predicted at Goulburn Valley orchard
ALEXANDRA LASKIE, The Weekly Times February 28, 2018 11:30pm
TO THE delight of Goulburn Valley orchardist Vic Scali, his family’s 30,000 pear trees are positively dripping with healthy fruit.
Picking will start this week at Scali Orchards in Shepparton East, and Mr Scali is expecting a bumper crop, perhaps up as much as 30 per cent on last year’s yields.
“Off-hand I think we could be up by 300 to 400 bins (of pears) on last year,” he said.
“We normally get about 1500 bins, but I reckon we could get closer to 2000 this year.”
The family business, run by Vic and Theresa Scali and their son Domenic and his wife, Vanessa, will employ up to 20 contractors in the next month to help pick their packham, beurre bosc and josephine de malines pears before moving on to harvest fruit from their 65,000 apple trees.
Despite some sun damage due to hot spells in late January and early February, the crops were looking “pretty good,” Vic said. “We do a lot of the work ourselves to grow the best fruit, we can’t afford to have rubbish in the bin,” he said.
The Scali family have been growing fruit in the Goulburn Valley for almost 40 years. Vic has lived in the region since he was seven, when he moved to Australia with his family from Calabria, Italy.
He started his working life as a welder in Shepparton, but turned his hands to fruit to spend more time outdoors.
His family grows apples (pink lady, granny smith, gala, golden delicious and fuji) and pears (packham, beurre bosc and josephine de malines) across almost 60ha.
About 80 per cent of their produce is sold at the Melbourne Wholesale Market at Epping, with surplus fruit sold to a packing shed.
From there it is either exported offshore or sold at the South Australian Produce Market.
Please read the article ‘Bumper pear harvest predicted at Gouldburn Valley orchard’ published on February 28th 2018 and answer the following questions: Questions
a. Assume pears are sold in a perfectly competitive market, using a supply and demand graph, describe the impact, ceteris paribus, of a bumper crop on equilibrium price and output? In your discussion make sure to explain the process of moving to the new equilibrium output and price. (6 marks)
b. Using a supply and demand graph, describe the impact, ceteris paribus, of an expectation of a bumper crop in Australia on the current market equilibrium price and output. (4 marks)
2. Clearly explain and illustrate the impact of the changes in the pear prices on at least one related markets. In your discussion specify your assumptions and explain the equilibrating process in the related market in terms of the new equilibrium output and price. (5 marks)
a. Using the determinants of price elasticity of demand, discuss whether the demand for pears to be inelastic or elastic? (3 marks)
b. Based on your discussion of elasticity, Illustrate and analyse the effect on total revenue of the firms in the pears market following the price change. (4 marks)
Your assignment will also be assessed on how effectively you can communicate with the reader; i.e. how well you have presented your arguments and ensured your analysis is logical and consistent.
Consequently, 3 marks will be awarded for effective writing including proper grammar, referencing and formatting. Importantly, make sure you use appropriate diagrams in your analysis. Please check the FAQs for Assignment 2 if you have further questions on this assignment.
Total marks: 25 marks

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 1369 words including graphs and references

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