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Trimester 1, 2019: City Campus Students
Due Date: Sunday 28th March at 11.00pm AEDST – Submission to your Turnitin drop-box on your Blackboard site.
Please aim to submit a draft version of your essay to Turnitin at least 2-3 days before the due date. This will give you time to view the colour-coded text version of your Turnitin report, and make any necessary changes, and resubmit if required, thereby protecting yourself against plagiarism.
You are required to attempt the following essay question, by writing a critical analytical essay of between 2100 – 2200 words. (Your word count is based on your introduction, body and conclusion, and does not include your title page or your list of references at the end of your essay.)
Essay question:
What is meant by the concept of “flow”, first proposed by Csikszentmihalyi in the management and organisational literature ? Is there a relationship between achievement-orientation and “flow”? What are the advantages of understanding the concept of flow for professionals in contemporary organisations?
• You should formulate your answer as a single coherent essay using paragraphs to build sustained critical analysis.
The grading of this assignment:
This assignment will be graded according to its content, analysis, argument and presentation. More specifically the following criteria will be used to evaluate your essay and provide feedback:
(a) Level of Analysis:
Is the assignment well researched?
Is the assignment well argued?
(b) Level of Written Expression:
Is the assignment well written – fluent, lucid, using appropriate language.
(c) Overall Coherence of your Essay:
Is the assignment well structured?
Is the assignment well presented?
It is recommended that you use the University Library’s electronic databases, such Proquest and ScienceDirect in order to find relevant journal articles to help you make a start on researching your chosen essay. These databases can be found on the University’s Library Web Pages.
When completing the final draft of your essay, please ensure that your essay is formatted as follows:
• 12 point font
• 1.5 line spacing (not single spacing, not double spacing)
• Times New Roman or Arial font
• Left AND right justification of your text - text margins must align on both sides
• Paragraph format
• No tables, charts, diagrams in the main body of your essay - put these in appendices if you feel you need to use them.
• No bullet points, no number lists – this is an essay, not a report and not a set of notes
• Submit your essay to TURNITIN at least 48 hours before the deadline.
• Check the text of your colour-coded Turnitin report. Do not just look at your percentage score. The percentage score does not tell you whether your essay might contain plagiarism.
• Use quotation marks and in-text references where necessary.
• Once you have carefully checked the text of your essay, you may re-submit your final version of your essay to Turnitin.
• Turnitin will be open until 11.00pm on Sunday 28th March (Week 8 of Trimester 1).
It may take you around 30 hours of research, reading and writing to successfully complete this major essay task. At the graduate level, your essay needs to be well researched, well structured, tightly argued and well written. All of these things take considerable time. If you invest this time and do your very best, you will be well rewarded.
Trying to write your major essay in a single week may be stressful, and you may be exceedingly disappointed by the final result.
To avoid this disappointment, it is suggested that you spend at least one week identifying, sourcing and reading relevant journal articles, a second week writing a draft of your essay, and third week re-drafting and fine-tuning your essay. If you spread this task over three weeks, it will be far less arduous than if you were to attempt to get it all done in a single week.
Good luck and best wishes
James Hunt
Lead Course Coordinator
GSBS6004: Organisational Behaviour & Design

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 2534 words including references

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