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Answer the activity is as much details as possible, considering organizational requirements.
1. On two separate occasions ask a friend who has been a customer recently and gather their -customer- feedback in order to assess service needs and expectations of the organization involved (use the qualitative research forms).
Interpret and evaluate the information gathered. The information must contain some qualitative (describe/quality) data and some quantitative (numerical form) data.
Compare this data to current information about implemented customer service strategies.
Create a presentation about whether you feel current strategies for customer services are effective based on customer feedback. The presentation should contain explanations and visual representations of numerical data. Deliver this presentation to a group of class members.
2. Explain how you could meet a quality customer service expectation strategy implemented within an organization and how and why that strategy needs to adhere to organizational policies and procedures.
3. Explain in no more than 200 words each, how you can:
Identity and use appropriate conventions and protocols when communicating with colleagues and customers
Collaborate with others, taking into account their strengths and experience, to achieve desired outcomes
Provide support or expertise to a team on customer service issues.
4. Explain in no more than 200 words each, how you can:
Develop and implement plans using logical processes and monitors and evaluates progress against stated goals
Accept responsibility for addressing complex or non-routine difficulties and how to apply problem-solving processes in determining a solution.
Use digital technology to access, organize and present information.

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Answers available for Q2,3 and 4 only

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