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Group Assignment
(Group task 3- 4 per group)
Assessment Value: 30%
• Group component = 10
• Individual component = 15
• Peer Mark = 5
Learning Outcomes: ULO Due Date:
Wk. 10 Monday 9am: 11 Mar 2019
*4 slides per person max:
Each person is to submit the combined slides as a pdf inclusive of notes section showing each person narrated text under each slide.
Produce a PowerPoint presentation connecting research that links the topic with wellbeing.
Select a case community/study to provide background and context to understandings of wellbeing in relation to your topic. Highlight concepts of wellbeing that underpin your presentation.
Individual component is marked on a student’s narrated text in the notes section of the four slides presented. This is aligned with the individual’s presentation, and referenced in text. NO more than 200 words per slide.
Peer mark: Peers review group members contributions, engagement in group process, materials produced including references provided for group slide and mark these out of five on the rubric submitted.

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