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Individual Major Assignment
Based on Research and Hypothesis Testing
Subject Value: 25%
Due Date: Week: Friday 15 February 4th
Method of Submission: Turn it in via Moodie
Word Limit: This assignment involves statistical analysis and as such does not have
a specific word limit.
You must look at the lecture posted in week 7 for this unit to gain a fully overview and assistance with how to complete this assignment.
This assignment requires you to select a topic of interest which can be examined using available statistics about a population.
You then are required to collect data on a sample of a population concerning your selected topic of interest.
You are then to conduct a hypothesis test to find out if the sample is similar or significantly different to the population.
This means that you compare if the sample mean is equal to or not equal to the population mean or if the sample proportion is equal or not equal to the population proportion.
You are also required to then conclude and explain why or why not the sample and population results and the sample are similar or different. Where possible you should support your findings with journal articles on this topic.
Does the sample have different characteristics for example to the population, are there differences that are social, cultural, economic, geographical or are there time differences between the two (for example different ages of the people in the sample, different era, etc).
Explain the possibility of type1 and Type 11 errors that you could have made when drawing your conclusion.
In conclusion based on your results what recommendations and business applications could you suggest.

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