Recent Question/Assignment

the pdf file is for reference. you have to find simmilar kind of journal research paper from net and summarise imp points from it and put it in report and refernces it well. make sure u enough parapraphase it. dnt copy paste frm other sourses.

91118: Suggested (not obligatory) formats for you report

General suggestions
• Research widely- don’t just rely on one source
• Check primary literature (google and Library databases such as current contents and asfa)
• Format report with good subheadings
• Always show page #s!!
• Fully reference and add refs cited at end
• Add key figures or tables (not copious #s)- add god captions, relate to text (ie don’t just cut and paste meaningless stuff fro on line sources!)and cite the original refs properly
• Staple on top left (no folders or fancy clips!)
• Colour is not necessary

Specific suggested formats:

(a) effects of climate change on global or local fisheries

• Title
• Summary of your paper
• Identification of fishery; brief description (referenced) of biology ecology of the local or global fishery
• Identification of major vulnerabilities of the fishery to global warming (e.g., range shift, effects of change in water temperature, ocean currents, freshwater flow in a river, change in catch rates so far, etc.)
• Any evidence of these global warming effects
• Identify gaps in the evidence and suggest ways to fill these
• References Cited

Put the references through out the report.

It should be professional, plagiarism free.

With abstract make total words atleast 2600 to 3000.

Use the font cambria , font size 12, justified paragraph, pg no as well.