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Assessment Task - Assignment

Assessment Description

eMarketing is an essential part of marketing for any organisation (whether they be not-for-profit, government or corporate). In order to complete this assignment you will be undertaking an eMarketing strategy for an real life organisation.

To complete this assignment please complete the following:

1. Select a case study from the Case study folders under assignments.
2. Download the eMarketing plan template
3. Work through the steps as outlined and if applicable to your case study.

Please note that the last step is written an executive summary. This should be done last and put before the table of contents.

Assessment Instructions
The purpose of this assignment is to develop an eMarketing strategy for a real life organisation. As such, a number of tasks must be completed and research must be conducted.

1. Select a case study from the case study folder

2. Download the eMarketing strategy template

3. Use Harvard referencing when citing sources

4. Complete the report in third person

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