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SITXFlN005 Manage Physical Assets
Project — Case Study
Alan and Joanne Smith have been managing ten-room bed a five year contract for John Jones, a NSW bus nessman.
n Hobart, Tasmania on
John Jones never visited the premises but was quite happy with his 15% return on equity.
At the end of the five year contract period, he visited the premises and was disappointed by the state of the property. It was in a poor state of repair with outdated fit-out and would need overall renovation to meet industry standards.
Changes to the premises and surrounds, as well as appliances would also need to be made to be compliant with occupational health and safety requirements.
Asset management was not part of the contract so Alan and Joanne could not be held totally responsible as the contract was based purely on profit and return on investment.
John Jones wishes to document the physical assets of the property.
Repair and replacement cost of physical assets. (Fixtures such as air-conditioning un• heaters, bathroom fittings. Equipment such as microwaves, beds and mattress's, linen, crockery)
Please include information on all the necessa WHS quirements into physical asset management. E.g. Regular -tagging- of electri Ipment, checks on paving to reduce tripping hazards,