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Professional Skills for System Analysis – UUIS7200
Assignment - 1
Semester 3 – 2018
You are expected to submit professionally presented word-processed assessment documents. This includes:
• A title page showing: ID number/s, name/s, lecturers’ name/s, and assessment title.
• Correct spelling and appropriate use of grammar.
• Pages numbered including a contents page.
• Questions correctly labelled and numbered with clear and consistent headings
• Line spacing no less than 1.5 and no greater than double.
• A complete reference list should be included at the back of the assessment using Harvard AGPS style of referencing with in-text citation.
Important Instructions
• The word count does not include the following: table of contents, figures, tables, references or appendices.
• You must demonstrate additional research from outside the text. Suggestions for other references include other general texts on information systems management, industry journals, periodicals, electronic databases etc. (many of which are available online from Auckland library – the link is located on UPortal.
• Use the Harvard referencing format for in-text references and the reference list. Your references should include at least one web/electronic link, but all the references should not be from the web.
Refer to the Communication skills handbook for further details.
• inappropriate referencing or excessive grammar/spelling errors will incur a penalty. You should refrain from cutting and pasting chunks of materials from the Internet as this will be treated as plagiarism.
Submission Guidelines on UPortal:
Attach the Microsoft Word files (using any version from Word 2010 to current) using the naming convention below, to your online assignment submission link on the course dashboard before or on the day the assignment is due.
[Student First Name] _ [student id] _ [course code] _ Asg1.docx
(e.g. John_701234_UUIS8009_Asg1.docx) Note:
• If any other format is used and assignment files cannot be opened by the marker, the late assignment submission penalty may apply until a replacement is received.
• Upon submission you are required to verify that this is the correct file. Please check before submitting. If an incorrect version is submitted, late assignment submission penalties will apply.
• Computer problems must be reported immediately to your lecturer and the late assignment submission penalty may apply
• For details of late submission penalties, see UUNZ Degree Programme Regulations
This written assignment is to be electronically submitted through the UPortal system. Hardcopy or email submission will NOT be accepted. Length: The total word limit for the assignment is 2500 words.
Assignment 1 80 Marks
Case Selection
You are expected to identify a New Zealand based organization from any sector (Banking, Transportation, Health, Education, Retail, Manufacturing etc.). The organisation may be a commercial, government or not-for-profit organisation but it must have at least 50 employees and a web site. Use the web, newspapers and/or personal contacts to gain information about the organisation, its management and business processes. When selecting the organisation, you should consider the nature of the organisation’s business environment and the extent to which the organisation is dependent on IT to run its operations. If you are employed, you are encouraged to base this assignment on the organisation that you are currently working with, if it meets the above criteria.
Finding an organization using either (a) or (b):
a) If you are linked to an organization. Find out the organization’s business process(es) that can be improved using information systems. If the organization already has such system in place, find out how to improve the operational efficiency of the system and its process flow. You may consider areas in the organization where the following can lead to such improvement:
• Automation
• Rationalization of standard business procedures
• Business Process Redesigning
• Paradigm shifts (e.g. New business model)
For example: To enhance the management and operation of UUNZ Library, a RFID-based automated Library system can be introduced.
A physical retail bookstore may need to incorporate new processes for purchasing books online (e.g. online sales, order, payment processes and delivery). You can choose the highest priority process and work around that process in such case.
b) Do you have a family member or friend, who is involved in the business organization, or do you know anyone with a business organization? Ask them about the performance level that they need or business process(es) that can be improved using information systems (keep it simple).
TASK 1: Background (LO-5 & 6) 20 marks
Briefly introduce your chosen organization in terms of name, the industry it operates within, products and services, clients, major competitors, major business processes, ownership, key personnel, roles of information systems in the organization and IT related issues/challenges. You must clearly state the following in your background report:
1.1 Provide background information on your chosen organization and its operation. Search the internet to find out as much as you can about the organization. (4 Marks)
1.2 Using this background, conduct a “SWOT” analysis (example of SWOT analysis for and automobile company is shown in Figure1) with at least three entries for each component.
(3 Marks) 1.3 Provide a business process diagram that captures key components and processes involved in your chosen organization day-to-day business routines using either
• Unified Modelling Language (UML) notation OR
• Business Process Modelling Notation (BPMN) (6 Marks)
1.4 Show context level diagram that captures the highest-level details of data flow sequence between entities in your chosen organisations and an information system. Clearly show the overall sequence that users follow to interact with the system. (7 marks)
UUNZ Institute of Business – UUIS7200 2018, S3
Figure 1: Example of SWOT Analysis
TASK 2: Planning and System development approach (LO-1) 15 Marks
For the purpose of this assignment, you will assume the role of system analyst for your chosen organization. You will plan and manage a project based on your findings (on processes that need improvements and how you plan to improve them with an IT solution). You will document the system requirements. You must clearly state the following in your report:
2.1 Planning and systems development approach
i. How you plan to go about developing your proposed information system solution?
(5 Marks) ii. What specific system development approach would you take? (2 Marks) iii. Provide clear justification of your selected methodology of systems development.
(3 Marks)
2.2 System requirements
i. List both the key functional and non-functional requirements for your proposed IT
solution (project). ( 3 Marks)
ii. Justify why the non-functional requirements are needed for the project. (2 Marks)
TASK 3: Project Management and Scheduling (LO- 6) 18 Marks
3.1 Project Feasibility
Use an excel spreadsheet to present the Cost-Benefit Analysis (CBA) of your solution.
(3 Marks) 3.2 Discuss the Cost-benefit analysis with emphasis on the following:
i. Net Value and Return on Investment
ii. Development Cost
iii. Operational Cost
iv. Break-even point and Intangible benefits (4 Marks)
3.3 Work Breakdown Structure (WBS): ( 3 Marks)
Develop a work breakdown structure (WBS) for your proposed IT solution with date, and summary of project activities. Use a table with columns for activity number, start date, finish
date, activity name, activity description, planned action, status, and any other notes. The purpose of WBS is to identify each task in your project and include an estimated duration.
3.4 Scheduling
After work breakdown structure (WBS) has been designed, you need to present the project details that are mentioned in the WBS using the following Task-Sequencing Approaches:
- Gantt Chart (3 Marks)
- PERT Chart or Network chart (5 Marks)
TASK 4: Fact Finding and System Requirement Investigation Techniques (LO-6) 15 Marks
Develop a fact-finding for your planning and analysis in order to determine improvements in organizational processes.
i. This fact-finding plan should include:
• Interviews (e.g. who are the stakeholders involved?)
• documentation review,
• observation,
• questionnaires (12 Marks)
ii. Which of the above techniques is most useful in your case and how? (3 Marks)
TASK 5: Report Writing LO-1&6 12 Marks
Assume you have completed the planning and analysis phases of the project for your chosen organization. Write a report to the top management of your chosen organization. This report at
a minimum should include all the specified tasks in the assignment specification including
• Conclusion and recommendations. (4 Marks)
• References (must be included with citations) (3 Marks)
• Presentation and Work Conformity with Academic Standard (5 Marks)
--- End of Assignment 1 ---
Assignment 1 : Marking Criteria
No. Tasks Given Marks Marks Scored
1.1 Provide background information on your chosen organization and its operation.
1.2 Conduct SWOT analysis 3
1.3 Organisation business process diagram 6
1.4 Context level and user’s dialogue sequence diagram of the organisation 7
2.1 System development methods and techniques 10
2.2 System requirement gathering 5
3.1 Excel Spread sheet for project feasibility 3
3.2 CBA analysis discussion 4
3.3 Work breakdown structure 6
3.4 Gantt and PERT chart 4
4.1 Fact Finding techniques 12
4.2 While fact finding technique is most useful 3
5.1 Conclusion and Recommendation 4
5.2 References/Citation 4
5.3 General presentation and Compliance 5
Overall Comments
Total 80