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Students are required to select two electronic articles during the term that have been published on either of the following marketing news websites, relevant to marketing issues and/or concepts:
Marketing Week (2018) - (
American Marketing Association (2018) - (
The article selected is required to have been published on the website no more than three weeks earlier than the article’s due date. So for example, your article submission for article 1 needs to have been published on either of the websites within the 3 preceding weeks (between Monday 12th November and Friday 30th November, 2018).
Your Referencing should indicate the publication date for the article.
All submissions must contain a copy of the full article as an attachment including appropriate referencing for the resource.
Each article submission must not be longer than 600 words and address the following three questions:
1. What are the marketing issues illustrated in this article?
2. Who are the important stakeholders? ie Who will benefit or otherwise from the issues discussed in the article?
3. How would you respond to these issues and why? In answering this question students need to justify their proposed responses by using marketing theory

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 1842 words including Diagrams

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