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This is a individual project. Each student will be given different criteria for their building. This criteria is available at the link provided on webcourses.
The project consists of a 3 storey (ground - 1st - 2nd - roof) steel structure which has to be designed and modelled to ensure the stability of the structure is satisfactory.
Each student will be required to submit a report, including calculations and relevant output from computer programmes. The project will include
• selection of appropriate loading based on the location and purpose of the building. This selection will be based on the guidance from the relevant eurocodes. (Copy of which will be uploaded to webcourses)
• calculation of a, by hand calculation.
• modelling of the structure in Autodesk Robot (or Appmved Equivalent)
• comparison of first order analysis a, value from Autodesk Robot with hand calculations. (Elements should satisfy all design criteria at first order analysis stage, prior to checking for a,
• output of general arrangement drawn, - showing steel sections used, bracing locations and steel floor plans - displaying knowledge of linking Robot and Revit.
As part of the above, the following should be outlined in the report.
• code references should be included where relevant
• model should be checked for sway sensitivity, with inclusion of both wind loading and equivalent horivontal loads, any modifications to alter a, value should be stated in report.
• any assumptions made (including selection of deflection limits)
Students can find a miniber of videos on youtulm for tutorials on working with Robot Structural Analysis Profemional, including buckling analysis videos, some have been provided in the link in assessment folder on webc.oursah
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