Recent Question/Assignment

Explain and give example in each question and put the reference in every question. 1000 words
1. Provide 4 examples for different needs of customers according to demographic markets:
2. What are the general , behavioural characteristics of the following type of customers?
• Younger people-
• Business or corporate travellers-
• A visitor or tourist-
3. What are the general needs and characteristics of the following customer groups?
• Family tourists-
• Individual tourists-
• Tour group participants
• Backpackers-
• Domestic tourists-
• Conferences and the corporate market
4. Which questions would you need to answer to established a clear customer profile once you have decided which market segments are part of your target market?
5. Which questions should you ask yourself to determine whether you meet customer needs and expectations from a customer’s perspective?
6. Provide 5 examples for internal customers:
7. Provide 5 examples for common service standards that should be upheld in the tourism, hospitality and events industry:
8. What are the underlying principles and methods which can be used to anticipate customer’s needs in the TH&E industry?
9. What are typical needs you should consider when providing advice and services to the following type of customers?
• Business travellers
• Families
• International tourists
10. Provide 5 example for general expectations and requirements which would typically apply to customers from diverse cultures:
11. Explain the principles of the following sales techniques:
• Upselling-
• Downselling-
• Cross-selling-
• Suggestive selling-
12. Provide 7 examples for Extras and Add-ons to offering in the TH&E industry:
13. What are the requirements for communicating delays in service and prioritizing service requests from customers?
14. Provide 5 proactive steps you should take to prevent and respond to service or quality issues in customer service;
15. Which key aspects should you consider when dealing with unhappy patrons to prevent an escalation?
16. List and explain the 5 steps procedure which should be followed for a successful resolution of a problem;
17. Provide 3 examples for data which should be collected when creating a customer data base:
18. What is the importance of sharing customer information with relevant staff in an organisation?
19. What is the importance of providing feedback on customer service? What should this include?