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Assessment 2 – Essay: 40% weighting; 1,200 words Due week: 8 Due date: Monday 12 November 2018 Due time: 5pm
An academic essay aims to explore perspectives on a topic or persuade readers of a viewpoint based on evidence. An essay always answers a question or task. To achieve this, an essay develops what is known as a thesis (an argument) via a set of closely related points that include both reasoning (analysis) and evidence (research). Essay writing is a valuable skill for tertiary education as it encourages critical thinking through the full process of academic writing. Careful essay planning ensures that correct structural elements are included in each essay paragraph.
For this assignment, you are able to choose an essay task to respond to. Choose one option from the following two options:
OPTION A. In 1,200 words, examine three (3) types of waste generated by the hospitality industry and strategies the industry can adopt to reduce each type of waste.
OPTION B. In 1,200 words, examine three (3) types of interpersonal communication skills used by hospitality employees and strategies to improve the use of each type.
In addition to your essay, you are also required to submit a completed essay plan using a template that will be provided to you.
• Work on the plan will be hand-written during your week 6 tutorials
• Your lecturer will initial your plan at the end of your week 6 tutorial to document that you worked on it during class. You are also able to seek feedback on your plan at this time.
• You will submit the plan in your essay document (see instructions below). The plan must be legible.
What structure is required for your essay?
Assignment cover page Introduction (approximately 150 words)
Open with a short background to introduce the reader to the topic area. State the purpose of the essay. Include a concise thesis statement to state the main argument of your essay.
Body paragraphs (approximately 900 words)
Respond to individual parts of the essay task in three well-structured paragraphs (one paragraph for each sub-task). Ensure paragraphs are constructed with topic sentences, supporting sentences with academic research, and linking sentences.
Conclusion (approximately 150 words)
Re-iterate the purpose and thesis of the essay, and briefly re-iterate the key discussions made. References
On a new page, list references in alphabetical order using APA 6th referencing style. Do not use bullets or numbering. A minimum of five academic journal articles must be cited. References are not included in the word count of assignments.
Essay plan
Include your completed, hand-written essay plan in your essay document. The plan must be legible. Scanning using the school printers is encouraged for professional results.