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This task has three parts.
Part A - You should discuss language and literacy learning specific to a subject discipline or a curriculum area of your choice, (outside of subject English).
*I would like to choose science, for example life cycle of butterflies or caterpillar for 4 years kinder children.
You should provide details of the language and literacy texts used specific to the discipline area selected. You should also consider the language and literacy skills students need to successfully engage in learning, as students discuss, read, view and write in classrooms. ?
Part B - You need to identify a topic area (within the subject/curriculum area discussed above) and an educational context of your choice, providing clear details of your focus students (Year level, subject area and cohort details, e.g. SES, language backgrounds, interests and strengths). You should then carefully document a sequence of teaching activities to support your focus on students' literacy learning and reflect the pedagogies of the discipline. This will include details of the literacy learning outcomes and the teaching and learning designed to ensure students are equipped with the literacy skills and strategies to engage in the learning tasks. The teaching plan can be presented in a table using dot points to describe the learning outcomes and related activities. You will need to provide details of three to four learning activities.
Part C - You should discuss the implications for teaching and learning in subject discipline areas. Here you should note critical aspects of planning for literacy learning specific to your teaching area, or for Primary and for Early Years students when working across curriculum areas.
In this task, MUST use this link to support the literacy (ELYF learning outcome) educators_guide_to_the_early_years_learning_framework_for_australia.pdf
Word count/equivalent: 2000 words?
Presentation requirements: APA 6th edition referencing style required. (Must include the doi: number in reference)
At least 8 journal articles to support this assignment.
Cahusac de Caux, B. K. C. D., Lam, C. K. C., Lau, R., Hoang, C. H., & Pretorius, L. (2017). Reflection for learning in doctoral training: Writing groups, academic writing proficiency and reflective practice. Reflective Practice, 18(4), 463-473. doi: 10.1080/14623943.2017.1307725
Part A: language of literacy demands e.g. science - terms or language in science like force is a science term. general and specific words that you need to be aware of when you are teaching. what is it that you are intending to teach
each discipline has a particular text e.g. science is more formal in its writing. Everything needs to be explicitly taught
consider language skills that ss needs to be learned. think about the reading skills to read the discipline and how do my students write in the discipline
Part B: year level (don’t combine 3 and 4 years old, pick 1 age) topic for teaching preschool: family, season
e.g. gold rush (Australian history) what particular language have to be introduced/ taught e.g Eureka Stockade how are you going to do that?
what particular texts? a title, reference, author
type of reading you want the students to do- mindmapping, data searches - objectives: have a full comprehension of the reading
how are you going to teach? strategies you want to introduce? sequence - show connections of the activities
1. introduce the book
2. re-read the book
Part C: implications of teaching
what does this now mean for your future teaching. how do you plan for future teaching so the literacy skills are accounted for so you can support your students what i have learnt from this instant so i can support my students in school

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 2315 words including Diagrams and References

Title: Very Hungry Caterpillar

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