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dÏvíclual report
Sunday of Week 5 1:59 (AEST)
Weiahtinq: 35%
This assessment determines your ability to evaluate the information technology (T) rnanagement strategy of an organisation, identify its current and future IT needs, and form short- and long-term solutions to address these needs. You will need to create a report that addresses these aspects based on the detailed assessment description provided below.
This assessment is relevant to the following learnina outcome:
apply recent developments in strategic olanning and strategic management i3ractice the Ëippfication end management of modern technology-based information and communication
Specifically. this assessment determine your ability to:
identify and review the mission, vision, corporate structure and strategy chosen nraanisation identify the iT problems of the organisation determine !T strategies to solve the problems identified discuss the main barriers for successful planning and irnolementation ftf T
S-lect any engineering or technological business system. Good cnoices include large autornotive manufacturers, aircraft manufacturers or industrial machine manufacturers. The best choice would be a company where you wer= or are currently emploved. Alternatively you can select any system for whicn you are able gather sufficient relevant information to carry out the following tasks-
a) Concisely identify key business current planning processes and mechanisms operating within the organisation.
b) Identify and scope current and orojected future IT needs.
c) Conduct a strategic analysis on the organisation's IT management and identify the organisation;s gaps and capabilities.
d) Identify any other significant issues to be addressed in the continuing development and implementation of IT and related systems.
e) Determine a strategy for managing (e.g. outsourcing, leasirtA cloud, remote servers, ERP, PLM etc.) IT to address strategic gaps. Include specifications and conditions for your proposed solutions
f) Including short- and long-term plans and strategies to measure the effectiveness and expected costs/issues (overheads, fixed and variable costs) of your solution and implement a continuous improvement strategy.
Szžagjeste(i report
The following structure provides a guideline for the structure of the report and what you need to include in it. This forms the foundation for assessina your report's completeness and quality. Refer to the rubric for more detail.
Background information
Selection of organisation
Characterisation of system under study
Corporate structure
Strategic analysis
ESC gap analysis
IT prcblem!chatlenge identification
Problem/challenge description
Problem context
IT solutions
Possible state-of-the-art solution
Application of systems methodology
Brief description of the proposed IT strategy
Short- and long-term plans Implementation issues
You must acknowledge all the courses of information you: have used in your assessments. RM I Harvaöd
Refer to the RMIT to see examples and tips on how tofor reference in the style. You can also refer to the for more tools such as EndNote, referencing tutorials and referencing guides for printing.
Upload as one single file via the assignments submission page within Canvas.
Academic intearity is about honest presentation of your academic work. It means acknowledging the work of others while developing your own insights, knowledae and ideas.
You should take extreme care that you have:
Acknowledged words, data, diagrams, models, frameworks and/or ideas of others you have quoted (i.e. directly copied), summarised, paraphrased, discussed or mentioned in your assessment through the appropriate referencing methods,
Provided a reference list of the publication details so your reader can locate the source if necessary. This includes material taken from Internet sites.

If you do not acknowledge the sources of your material, you mav be accused of plagiarism because you have passed off the work and ideas of another person without appropriate referencing, as if they were your own.
RMIT University treats plagiarism as a very serious offence constituting misconduct.
Plagiarism covers a variety of inapprcpriate behaviours: including: Failure to properly document a source
Copvright material from the internet or databases
Collusion between students
For further information on our policies and procedures, please refer to the
When you submit work electronically, you agree to the

Many courses require you to work in a group to cornolete various assessments. It is the collective responsibility of all group members to actively contribute and complete any project. If any individual is unavailable during this time, the group will need to adjust responsibilities to allow for the work to be completed. It is recommended that students elect a group leader to take responsibility for this.
Working in a group requires consistent interaction and communication. This should be done within Canvas, Gooale Hangouts, email etc.
Should any individual be unavailable for an extended period of time, it is the responsibil ty of the group members, or group leader, to advise their tutor to discuss the situation, This should be raised as early as possible if students wish to apply for an extension or special consideration-
For further information about understanding group work, visit

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cleafly stated. Purpose is is not given in a Purpose is system is not
clearly stated. logical and clear way. The purpose is only pañial!y described. stated, but it is not discussed. described.
5.00 3.95 3.45 2.95 245 5.0
The mission, The mission, The missioru The mission The mission vision and vision and vision and vision arid and vision of objectives of the obiectives of the objectives of objectives cf the system are system are system are the system are the system are not described accurately accurately adequatelv described but or are described. described. The described occasionally described but Discussion is discussion is Discussion is inaccurate. not accurately. logical and basic. limited. Discussion is comprehensive. very limited
10.00 7.90 6.90 5.90 4.90 10.0
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Strateaic analysis Strategic Strategic analysis is performed or
is presented analysis is analysis is presented. oerformed
using various presented using presented using Discussion is incorrectly.
tools. The various tools. various tools. very limited.
discussion is Discussion does Discussion is
comprehensive and critical. not cover all important elements. very basic.
15.00 11.85 10.35 8.85 7.35 15.0
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discussed in The role of the role of the The roles of partially
depth. information information the data processing identified. The
The roles of the system is discussed at a system is not discussed.
management rotes of the data
data processing, basic level. information processing,
management The IT problems The IT system and management
information are identified problems are strategic information
system and and described. identified and information system and
strategic described. system are not strategic
information always information
system have correctly system are not
been analysed in described. correctly
detail. The IT problems are Only some of the major described.
identified and problems are No problem is
described in detail. described addressed.
35.00 27.65 24.15 2C.65 17.15 35.0
Corporate szrcctate Corporate Corporate Corporate structure is structure Corporateis not structure is structure is structure described but completely and completely and description is with some described logically logically comotete and errors. Strategic
business business business business the business anplications of applications of applications of applications of applications of the information the information the information the information the information

Proposed Proposed Proposed Proposed IT solution is detailed plan for detailed plan for detailed plan for detailed plan not proposed, the IT solution, the IT solution, the IT solution, for the IT or if prooosed including long- including long-4 including long- solution may it is illogical and short-term and shoá-term and short-term not include ana unrealistic. plans, is well plans, is wellplans, is long- and presented and presented. Thé presented. The short-term covers all proposed plan is proposed plan planning* The aspects of the logical. is veny general. proposed plan problems. The is not alwavs proposed plan is logical and outstanding, logical.
20.00 15.80 13.80 11.80 9.80 20.0
There is proper There is Everything is Everything is Statements. and consistent mostly proper referenced, referenced, figures or referencing with but only but only tables from no errors. with few correctly correctly different errors. about two- about half of sources have thirds of the the time. not been time referenced.
5.00 3.95 3.45 2.95 2.45 5.0
wçittna thiriting Writing Writing mostly Writing lacks Writing is communicates communicates communicates clarity with very unclear meaning clearly effectively but effectively, frequent and hard to and achieves logic and with grammatical make sense purpose of the meaning are occasional errors, but the of. Several task with sound not always grammatical message still grammatical grammar and clear. Sound errors. gets through. errors. spelling. grammar and spelling.
10.00 7.90 6.90 5.90 4.90 10.0
Total: 100 pts

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 2344 words including References

Title: Information technology development in automobile industry

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