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Individual repott
Sunday 3 11:59 pm (AEST)
Weighting: 30%
This assignment evaluates your ability to understand the systems approach in engineering management. You need to analyse a system, identify the roles of stakeholders and their expectations, and examine the relation among the subsystems. You will then need to identify a systemic problem or challenge and find an appropriate solution for it. Your submission will be in the form of a report.
This assessment is relevant ta the following learning outcomes:
apply a systems approach to problem definition of sustainable industrial €ysterns„ [Irodu rtion end ecologically responsible oraanisations
Specificalhß this assessment will determine your ability to:
characterise the sFem under study describe the relationships between the different subsystems be system's environment, complexity and dynamics determine the obiective/puroose of the svstem under study and how eubsvsterns âüpport (his objective determine the aporopriateness of the systems methodo:ogy in addressinq orobþrn identify aj; the players that are affected by this problem choose an approorïate systems methodology and apply it to tne rxoblern chefienge examine each Stege needed to carrv out the analysis using the aopropriate rnethodologv tor methodologies) examine the [;racticel oroblems likely to be encountered in im methodologies) together with suggestions for overcoming them

Select anv ena i ne=rin rž or technoloaica business svsternæ eood choices irdu le aircraft manufacturers rnacffine manuracturersz The best cho:cc are current!v emoloved- vou can seþct anv system for which information to carrv out the tasks.
a) Character;se system and specify system oojectives Describe concepts, To out this into consider the aæa vou

b) Examine the system under study in terms of its environment* cornplexity
c) Describe and examine the relationships between the sub-systems and the roie nf stakehold=rs and stockholders excecz= exp*ore how actions or chan ães to anv of the

Based on the system described in Task 1:
a) the nroblems the system stucv and
b) For each oroblem discuss if the problem is
c) Discuss which aopraach (hard or soft) would be better
d) Apply the chosen methodology to the problems and discuss the potential tssues limitations of the chosen methodology.

fol!owing structure provides e guideiine for the structure of the and what need includ- it, This sorrns the foundation for assessing your reports completeness and quality. Refer to the more
Background information Selection of system
Systems objectives/purpose
Subsystems objectives/purpose
Elements of the subsystems and their attributes
System relationships
System: each of its subsystems
Subsystems: Between each of the subsystemst elements
Svstem complexity
Dynamics of system
Problem/challenge description
Problem context
Hard versus soft systems approaches

Brief description of the systems methodologv
Examination of each stage in the context of the prob!em/challenge
You must acknowledge all the courses of information you have used in your assessments.
Refer to the RMIT to see examples and tips on how to stvíe for reference in the appropriated style. You can also refer to the tn;s assessment for more tools such as EndNcte- referencing tutorials and referencing guides for printing.
Upload as one sinqle file via the assignments submission page within Canvas.
Academic inteqrity is about honest presentation of your academic work. It means acknowledging the work of others while developing your own insights, knowledge and ideas.
You should take extreme care that you have:
Acknowledged words, data, diagrams, models, frameworks and/or ideas of others you have quoted (i.e. directly copied), summarised, paraphrased, discussed or mentioned in your assessment through the appropriate referencing methods,
Provided a reference list of the publication details so your reader can locate the source if necessary. This includes material taken from Internet sites.
If you do not acknowledge the sources of your materials you may be accused of plagiarism because you have passed off the work and ideas of another person without appropriate referencino, as if they were your own.
RMIT University treats plagiarism as a very serious offence constituting misconduct.
Plagiarism covers a variety of inappropriate including:
Failure to properly document a source
Copyright material from the internet or databases
Collusion between students
For further information on our policies and procedures, please refer to the
When you submit wŒk electronically; you agree to the
Many courses require you to work in a group to complete various assessments. It is the collective responsibility of all group members to actively contribute and complete any project. If any individual is unavailable during this time, the group will need to adjust responsibilities to allow for the work to be completed. It is recommended that students elect a group leader to take responsibility for this.
Working in a group requires consistent interaction and communication. This should be done within Canvas, Google Hangouts, email etc.
Should any individual be unavailable for an extended period of time, it is the responsibility of the group members, or group leader, to advise their tutor to discuss the situation. This should be raised as early as possible if students wish to apply for an extension or special consideration.
Only one copy of a group assessment needs to be submitted, however all group names must be added to the report submission.
For further information about understanding group work, visit RMIT
Learning Lab.

Criteria Ratings
Systems The context of context the system is clearly, logically and comprehensively described.
The purpose of the system is clearly described and critically analysed.

The context The context The context The context
and purpose of and purpose and the and purpose of
the system are of the system purpose of the the system are
clearly are clearly system are poorly
described. The described. described; described.
purpose of the however, the The
system is The purpose of the system description is description is
described; not easy to not logical or
however, it's is not clear and needs follow or is realistic.
not critically additional given in non-
analysed. explanation. logical way.
7.90 6.90 5.90 4.90 10.0


Identification The subsystems The Only some of The list of The
of the are correctly subsystems the subsystems is subsystems
subsystems described as are are correctly subsystems incomplete have not
afl relationships described with are described and idenüfied
their all analysis of with stated inconsistent. clearly.
relationships between them the relationships Stakeholders' Stakeholders'
and complexity and their given hierarchies. The description is relationships between them. between them- The expectations exoectations
logical and relationships are not and measurable and measurable
accurate. The importance of Stakeholders' discussed. requirements requirements
the relationships expectations Stakeholders' have been have not been
is discussed in detail.
Stakeholders' expectations
and measurable requirements have been critically discussed. and measurable requirements have been discussed. expectations
and measurable requirements have been partially discussed. partially discussed. discussed
30.00 23.70 20.70 17.70 14.70 30.0
Identification More than one More than one Onlv one One problem No problem
and analysis of problem related problem problem related to the has been
the problem in to the system related to the related to the system has described nor
the context of has been system has system has been analysed.
described and been been described. but
system analysed in described and described. has not been
complexity and depths The analysed. However, the analysed.
dynamics analysis is critical and covers all details. However, the analysis covers only the main features. following analysis is very basic.
25.00 19.75 17.25 14.75 12.25 25.0

Choice and The choice of The.çhojçe of The choice of
The choice of The choice of
implementation soft/hard soft/hard soft]hard soft/hard soft/hard
of systems approach is approach is approa approach described;is notapproach is realistic and the realistic and realistic nd methodologythehowever, the appropriate for
Page 7
applications are
described in applications applications proposed the system.
detail. The are described are dežcribed. approach is Limitations are
limitations are in detail. The The not the best not discussed.
discussed in limitations are description is one. The
detail. Decision- discussed only basic and it is limitations are
making process in general not covering not discussed.
is logical and terms. all problems. Decision-
realistic. Decision- The limitations making
making are discussed. process is not
process is described at the basic level. Decisionmaking process is only mentioned but not discussed. discussed.
20.00 15.80 13.80 11.80 9.80 20.0

Referencing There is proper There is Everything is Everything is Statements,
and consistent mostly proper referenced, but figures or
referencing with referencing but only only correctly tables from
no errors. with few correctly about twothirds of the time about half of the time. different sources have not been referenced.
5.00 3.95 3.45 2.95 2.45 5.0

Academic Writing Writing Writing mostly Writing lacks Writing is very
writing communicates communicates communicates clarity with unclear and
meaning clearly effectively but effectively, frequent hard to make
and achieves logic and with grammatical sense of.
purpose of the meaning are occasional errors, but the Several
task with sound not always grammatical message still grammatical
grammar and spelling. clear. Sound grammar and spelling. errors. gets through. errors.
10.00 7.90 6.90 5.90 4.90 10.0

Total: 100 pts

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 2160 words including References


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