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industrial Systems
Individual reoort
Thursday of Week 7 i 1:59 pm (AEST)
Weighting: 35%
The assignment evaluates you; abilitv to address the practice of sustainable and Cleaner Production. it will determine your ability to identify and adopt the optimal management of engineering for a system while protecting and sustaining natural resources for future generations. You will have to create a solution addressing management of enaineering that will incorporate all aspects of sustainability from the manufacturing point of view to the application of Government regulations.
his assessment is relevant to the foilowing learning outcome:
apply a systems approach to problem definition of sustainable industrial wleaner Production and ecoioaicallv responsible organisations investigate consolidate ideas on the application of rew sustainabþ technologies t satisfy social enc! requirements of industrial systems in their operatina environment aopiv recent developments in strategic planning and strategic management the ?pplication end management of modern technology-based information and communication systems design end the effectiveness and impacts of technology development strateaies üüeinst the goals of a sustainable environment participate ccnfrÏbute to the development of oolicies te application of environmental management svstems such es Cleaner Production monitorinc,
Specifically, this assessment will determine vour ability to:
apply the r;ew related to sustainable technologies to satisfy leaal, economic requirements of industrial systems in their ooeretina environment evaluate strateaie management practice in the application and manaaern Q nt [f modern technologvbased information and communication systems design strategies against the goals of a sustainable environment identify problems and obstacles associated with management for sustainabilitv
Select and evaluate oraenisation or [Adustry with a focus on its system ccrmdexity_ You rt eed to be to gather enouc;h informatiõn nn the Production oractices.
You should o;ace a assessing whether or not the com environmental strategy an./or
a) a review envwržržmental management and ettttuaes processes •within
0) Review the current management orocesses and ?deržtiru identifv tyoes
cre ate '(low chtart (cleaner Production staae 6) characteris= the waste (u}eaner Product}on staoe 8) conduct esource/eneroy audit of the organisation
Prodoct;on anoroanh miaht morove res.?Rfice levels. rrovide a oían for identified.
The following structure provides a Guideline for the structure of the report and what need incéude in it. This forms the foundation for assessing your report's completeness and quality. Refer to the rubric for more detail.
Background information
Selection of system or organisation
Systems objectives/purpose
Subsystems objectives/purpose
Elements of the subsystems and their attributes
System relationshios
System: each of its subsvstems
Subsvstems: Between each of the subsystems elements
System complexity
Dynamics of system
Current environmental policy
Problem/challenge ciescöiption
Environmental problems
Waste management
Resource audit
Brief description of application of Cleaner Production Short410ng-term plans examination of each Cleaner Production stage in the context of the probl—ra/challenae
Implementation iSSUûS
You must acknowledge the courses of information vou have in Jour assessments.
Refer to the RMIT to see examples and qps on hov„' reference in the epprooržated style. You can also refer to the for more tools such as EndNote? referencing tutorials and referencing guides for printing
Upload as one singie file via the assignments submission page within Canvas.
Academic integrity is about honest presentation of vour academic works It ackncwfedging work while deve|opina your own insights: knowledge and ideas.
You should take extreme cere thet you have:
Acknowledged words; data, diagrams, models, frameworks and/or ideas of ûthers have quoted (i.e. directly copied), discussed or mentioned in your assessment through the appropriate referencing methods,
Provided a reference list of the publication details so your reader can locate the source if necessary. This includes materiel taken from Internet sites.
If you do not acknowledge the sources of your material, you mav be accused a} o!agiarism because you have passed off the work and ideas of another person without appropriate if they were four
RMIT University treats Džagiarism as e very serious offence constituting misconduct
Plagiarism covers a verietv of inappropriate behavi0ürs, including*
Failure to oroperly document a source
Copyright material from the internet or databases
Collusion between students
For further information our policies and procedures, please refer to the
When ycu submit work electronicallv* you agree to the
Many courses reauire you to in a group to complete various assessments. It is the collective rŒkŠponsibilitv of all croup members to actively contribute and complete any project. If any in group will need to adjust responsibilities to allow for the work to be comp:etad, It is recommended Ëžudents eject a group leader to take responsibility for this.
Working in a group requires consistent interaction and communication. This should done ùanvas: Gooale Hangouts, email etc.
Should any individual be unavailable for an extended period of times it is the responsibility tha [Troup members, or group to advise their tutor to discuss the situationz This zheuïd raised early possible if students wish to apply for an extension or special consideration.
For further information about understanding woup work, visit
subsystems. System System subsystems. subsystems. identified.
complexity is complexity is System System
critically discussed at a complexity is complexity is
CIÎSCUSSSC in basic level. not complete. complete
detail. The discussion is very basic. and not discussed.
1ûe0(1 6.90 0.90
The ccpžtext of The context of The context of The context af the system is the system is the system is the system context described described with described with described withsvstern with accurate description of description of description of not described; description of the the subsystems. only the main Ùnly the main subsystems have been
i v zRòíTY
environmental Environmental Environmental E}wironmental Environmental policies have policies are policies are policies policies are not identified identified; identified; izfentified; Wentified ar and critically however, howevažl (hey input discussed in discussion is at discussion is at enci product a more basic a very basic discussed. waste Flow chart of ahert of streams are existing process Flow chart of Flow chart ofiüat correctly is done proneriy existing process existing process identified. and covers al! is done prooerlM processes does in-žpû ant details. and covers all done properlv ncí ûover chart is
created end discussed at a very basic level. missîna„
27,65 24.15
Input materiežs important and covers ell important not d0fte ûr
and product and details. important detaižs. many Elements
waste streams details. are missina.
are correctly Input materials Only ïjcme
product end identified. and waste streams era
wasta streams However, streams are identified,
discussed. discussion is at more basic correctly
However, discussion is at a very basic level or has been missing thav not cž;scaesed.
PreliminatM 2165
Preliminary 24 15 20.65 35 0
Energy Energy it is not Energy Energy
consumption assessment consumption complete. consumption Donsumption
identified. The and product and Some of the nroblems related waste streams input materials the particular are correctly and product
Preliminar,/ Preliminary Preiiminarv waste waste waste waste waste assessment is assessment is assessment is assessment assessment is exceptional. properly done. done; however, properly done. very limited.
assessment is Enerav assessment îssessnnent created and created and consumptionnot t:yes nnt. žs discussed in discussed. assessment is ÜSCUSSian
There is proper There is Evervthing is Everything Statements, and consistent mostly proper referenced, referencedz referencing with referencing but only no errors. with few correctly errors. about twothirds of the time
3.95 3.45 2.45
cpa}ling, grammar and spelling.
lis85 10.35 725
Writing Writing Writing mostly
communicates communicates communicates meaning clearly effectively but effectively, and achieves logic and with purpose of the meaning are occasional task with sound not alwavs grammatical grammar and clear. Sound
Tcta!. I 00 pts
Many courses require you to work in a group to complete various assessments. It is the col}ective responsibility of ail group members to actively contribute and complete anv project. If any individual is unavailable during {his time. the group will need to adjust responsibilities to allow-for-the work to be completed. It is thet students Elect a group leader to take responsibility for thise
Working in a group requires consistent interaction and communicationa This done within C:anvas, Google Hangouts. email etc.
Should any individual he unavailable for an extended period of time, it is tha responsibility of the ;roup or group leader; to advise their tutor to discuss the situation. This raised early possible if students to apply for an extension or special consideration.
For further information about understanding (roup work3 visit
The context of The context The context The context The context
the system is and purpose of and purpose and the and purpose of
clearly, logically the system are of the system purpose of the the system are
clearly described
not critically and needs given
and analysed. additional logical way.
analysed- explanation.
1 (100 6.9C 90
and clearly are clearly system are comprehensively described. The described. describeddescribed. purpose of the however, the
The purpose
The of system is of the svstem description described;
the system is is not clear not easy tû however, its follow or is
hierarchies. The relationships between expectations expectations
description is between them. them, The
logical and relationships and
accurate. The are not measurable nneasurable
importance of Stakeholders' discussed. requirements requirements
the relationshins expectations Stakeholders' have been have not
is discussed and expectations partially discussed.
detail. measurable and
Stakeholders requirements measurable
and measurabie requirements have criticafly discussed have been discussed, requirements have been partially discussed*
30.00 23.70 20.70 17.70
More then one More than one Only one One problem No problem
problem related problem problem related to the has been
to the system related to the related to the system has described nor
has been system has system has been analysed*
described been been [fescribed, but
analysed in described and described. has not
depth- The analysed8 However, the analysed.
analysis is HoweverŽ the following
critical end analysis analysis is
covers detaiis- covers only the main features. verv basics
25.00 75 17,25 14.75
The subsystems The Only some cf The fist of correctly subsystems the subsystems described as are are correctlv subsystems eth relationships described with are described and all analvsis of with stated
between them inconsistenta the
and their given relationships
detail The are described are described, approach is Limitations
limitations are in detail. The The not the discussed.
discussed (n limitations are description is one. The
detail- discussed on!v basic and it is limitations
making process in general not coverina not discussed.
is logiceí and terms. all problems. Decision-
realistic. Decision- The limitations making
making process is described at the basic level* are discussed. Decisionmakina process is only mentioned but not discussed. process not
20.00 15.80 13.80 1 1 80
There proper There is Everything is Everything îte@mentss
encl consistent mostly proper but figures or
referencing with referencing but only only correctlv tables from
no errors. with few correctly about heif of
errors. about twothirds of the time time sources have not been referenced.
5.00 3.45 2.95
Writing Writina Writing mostly Vi/riting iaaks
communicates communicates communicates clarity with unclear ?žld
meaning cleer!v and achieves effectively but effectivelyž frea(.A1t
gremrner and sneliing. clear. Sound grammar and spelling. errors.
6.90 gets throucgn,
5.90 errors,
5 choice of The choice of he choice of tae choice The [thoice soft/harct soft/hard softfhard approach is approach is approach isApproach is æa)jstÍc and the realistic and realistic andnot applications are the theappropriate for described aDDlications applications
logic and withof. purpose of the meaning are occasional task with sound not always grammatical message
00 Ots

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Title: Sustainable engineering and cleaner production

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