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Written Assessment Task
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You are required to do a case study on a commercial low rise construction building. The building you select may be a bulky goods/warehouse type building.
You will identify and describe via photos and drawings the following aspects:
1. The structural system used. If it is a portal frame building nominate the type.
2. Draw a section showing the structural wall and roof system.
3. Explain how the building is braced. (wall and roof)
4. State what the relevant Australian Standards applicable to this construction are.
5. What processes do you think the builder put in place to ensure a quality finish to this roof system?
6. What is the type of wall cladding system used? Explain why you think this system was used. How was It erected? How is it fixed to the frame?
7. What type of roof cladding system has been used? Show the profile of this roof cladding and how it is fixed the roof structure.
8. State what the relevant codes for the wall and roof cladding are.
9. What services have been installed in your building? (Ducting, electrical, fire etc.)
10. Show any service penetrations, skylights, roof ventilators in your buildings.
11. What type of doors and windows are used in your building. What are the relevant Australian standards applicable for these?
You are requested to propose an alternative wall cladding and roof cladding for your chosen building. Show via p
or drawings what they are.