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AT2 outline
Details of the assignment:
The child that i did interview with is a year 1 student. Her name is Breanna.
Total words: 2000 words
Introduction (around 100 words)
Part A :Gaining Insights about Students' Current Knowledge in Order to Plan Effective Mathematics Lessons
1. Analyse the child’s responses recorded on the MAI (Mathematics Assessment Interview) Record sheet, with reference to the MAI Growth Point Decision Making Process to determine the child’s growth points in Counting, Place Value, Addition and Subtraction Strategies, and Multiplication and Division Strategies. analyse what it means (500 words)
2. based in the child’s 4 growth point and their next learning targets in each number domain - identify an open task to enable this child (and the rest of the class) to progress their learning
in at least one domain, as described by the growth point framework (500 words) - identify key maths concepts and proficiencies that the child will have the opportunity to develop
- identify key questions that the teacher can ask to assist the child to construct knowledge -one enabling prompt and one extending prompts for differentiating the learning for children in class
*Why choose this topic? * Why open task?
Part B (1000 Words)
Describe a suitable lesson structure asn pedagogical approach that a teach might adopt when using the open task
Explain and justify
- the key elements of the lesson structure
- the key pedagogical actions that the teacher would implement
- how the teacher would organise the students and the classroom environment for highly effective learning and teaching
Conclusion (around 100 words)
Referencing conventions must adhere to APA 6th edition and include accurate bibliographic details. The a clear copy of the MAI Record Sheet needs to be included as an appendix.

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 2251 words including Tables and References

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