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Take-Home Writing Assignment #2
Weight: 10%
Due: November 6 at 1:30 PM (start of class)
This assignment assesses your ability to read and analyze material, summarize information using appropriate and correct English, use the direct approach to write an effective memo, and demonstrate correct APA documentation.
Submission Requirements:
• Submit a printed, hard-copy of your assignment at the beginning of your scheduled class
• Upload an electronic copy through Dropbox; the file will be automatically scanned by TurnItIn
• Include a title page in APA format
• Include a correctly formatted References list in APA format
Scenario & Instructions:
After graduation, you are hired as manager at a small business in Toronto. The business relies on strong customer service, so the owners are considering implementing anti-bias training for customer service staff. They have heard of anti-bias training elsewhere (for example, at Starbucks across the US) and are debating whether the training would be effective in Canada. The owner asks you to read an article on anti-bias training (see link below) and write an information memo to share your findings on anti-bias training in Canada.
1. Read the following article: “Employees say Starbucks anti-bias training in Canada well-intentioned but missed mark by using U.S. curriculum” by Andrea Woo:
2. Summarize the reading’s important points and present your summary in an information memo to the business owners (you can create their names). Use the resources from Week 7 for support in summarizing and memo writing.
3. You memo should be one page in length (approximately 250 words) and organized using the direct approach
Extra deductions or a grade of zero “0” on the assignment are possible for the following:
? significant departure from length requirement
? failure to meet research requirement in terms of number and type of sources (as applicable)
? failure to address a required or agreed-upon topic or prompt
? evidence of plagiarism (such as unacknowledged use of sources, whether published or unpublished material, work submitted by the student in another course or another section of the same course, resubmission of previously evaluated work).
? Does not adequately meet the requirements of assignment and/or categories on the rubric
Memo Format
3 points Satisfactory
2 points Needs Work
1 point Unsatisfactory
includes memo header
includes an appropriate closing
uses graphic highlighting
Includes correct spacing between sections and suitable font size
Memo Organization & Style
creates context in opening
includes main idea of article
omits unnecessary details
is in students’ own words
uses transitions effectively
includes word choices that are appropriate for audience and purpose
SUBTOTAL: _______/30
Grammar and Mechanics (.5 marks will be deducted for each major error)Major errors include sentence structure, word choice/form, punctuation, verb tense/form