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By 2050, more than 70 per cent of all people will live in urban areas compared to
50 per cent in 2008(UN, 2008). The growing population in cities will cause a
significant impact to our living, especially if this happens with an unplanned
settlement (think about Sydney). Besides, we have many other challenges such as
ageing population, climate change and reducing the CO2 level, traffic jams,
aggravate further existing energy problems and keeping a standard level of
healthcare services.
For years, people are looking for a sustainable solution to solve these issues or at
least to reduce the negative impacts. Many people believed that building more
railways, roads and infrastructure would address these issues. In reality, those
problems getting worse and worse. Therefore, we should think differently and
find a smarter solution for our cities.
The concept of Smart Cities could be the answer even though it is not new or
recent. In the 1990s, many scientists talked and developed several solutions to
tackle these challenges; however, the outcome was not good. The main reason
for this failure was technology not available.
Today, the Internet of Things IoT technology will allow machines and devices to
get connected to our networks. Then, these connected devices will generate Data
which will be sent to the cloud for analytical operations. The outcome will allow
us to use our existing infrastructure efficiently. For example, in our cities, we
have bus lanes. It will enable only buses to go through on our roads in rush hour.
However, we are wasting around 33% of our capacity on these roads. Think about
changing these lanes from Bus Lane to Smart Lane. Also, think about the traffic
light intersection and how to make them smarter.
You need to write an essay to study and evaluate the Smart Cities concept and
how they will change our lives. You need to focus on traffic and parking areas in
Some suggestionsto discuss:
- Discussthe benefit of deploying the IoT technology.
- Discuss availability and scalability in such deployment.
- Security concerns and vulnerability issues.
- Assess and evaluate a smart cities (traffic and parking) deployment and if
this solution achieved its goals.
- Who will deliver Smart Cities? Governments, Companies or individuals
- What kind of platform would handle the Data? What are the challenges?
- Which wireless technology will be used in smart cities? Why?
Assignment Submission:
Your report will be a minimum of 2,500 – 3000 words on each topic(min 2 ) The assignment is
worth 60% of the total mark for this subject. It must be submitted through
the link in Moodle by the end of week 12 (29/10/2018).
Note: I might ask you for individual discussion about certain points in your
The report assignment grading criteria:
“High Distinction HD 85-100%.”
- The work has outstanding quality.
- Very high quality of critical analysis.
“Distinction DI 75-85%.”
- Very deep discussion and high level of investigations.
- Supporting your ideas with accurate source information.
- Answering all the questions and issues in the theoretical
“Credit CR 65-75%.”
- Good understanding of these questions and good discussion.
- Using appropriate terminology and knowledge-based structure.
- Ideas are well organised and well transitions.
- Most of the questions are answered.
“Pass PS 50-65%.”
- Overall the assignment has satisfactory outcomes.
- Fair discussion with some limited critical thinking.
- The paragraph is not well referenced.
- Has weak structure.
“Fail FA 49% or less
- Very poor quality and misunderstanding of the questions.
- Limited sources and a lot of copy and paste.

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