Recent Question/Assignment

You are required to perform penetration testing using an open source pen test software. As discussed in the class, you will be performing the pen test in three steps: 1), install an open source linux based pen test software, 2), identify all possible vulnerabilities using all the features in the installed software, and 4) find exploitations to use the identified vulnerabilities.
The audience for your report will be your peers, each report will be marked by three peers as well as myself. The report should be at least 25 pages, inclusive of figures (no copy and paste from other sources).
DO NOT share your peer review with ANYONE. Every student will do ONE peer review for a randomly chosen person and will upload it separately.
Recommended structure of the assignment:
1. half page introduction of the chosen software
2. screen shots to prove that you installed the software.
provide few lines description for each screen shot.
3. screen shots to show the found vulnerabilities and list them
provide few lines description for each screen shot.
4. provide detailed explanations about exploitations
Recommendations to obtain high marks:
1. choose a tool which is very hard to install and unique to what others would try. Installing a binary and double clicking do not give you any marks. I want you to download the source and install the tool in command line in a linux environment. for example, I would expect commands like ./configure, make, make install. You are welcome to try multiple tools but note that quantity will not necessarily give you high mark, but sincere hard work and quality of the work will.
2. Be elaborative
3. Excellent presentation and easy to understand. Provide a healthy and detailed peer review