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10/10/2018 Assignment 3 Option A: Research Proposal Review
Assignment 3 Option A: Research Proposal Review
Assessment 3: (50%)
Due: Week 13: Sunday 21st of October, 11:59pm
Length: 2300 - 2500 words, excluding references
The purpose of this assessment is for you to demonstrate your ability to engage with good research design. Within each of the draft research proposals, there are numerous errors, both major and minor, in each of the key sections (e.g. background and research question, literature review, sampling & recruitment & method, ethics). Your task is to select one of these proposals, read it to identify the errors and propose an alternative strategy to address these errors by utilising the principles of good research design. You will need to reference your responses by drawing on the course materials and by finding other sources.
The three draft scenarios are available in this module, and have been developed to align with many of the discipline areas represented in the course.
Each part of the research proposal has at least one major issue. You need to identify each issue and explain why this is problematic in the context of good research design. Once you identify these issues, you need to propose how these issues should be addressed, by drawing on your learning in the course, referencing the course readings and other academic literature.
Assessment Criteria
Your work will be assessed on the extent to which you:
Critically evaluate:
whether the introduction to the research proposal establishes a clear, compelling research question amenable to social research
whether the literature review in the research proposal makes a persuasive case that the proposed research is original and significant
whether the methods of data collection in the research proposal are suitable for the research question and aims
whether the ethical considerations presented in the research proposal are adequate and appropriate for the proposed research
Draw upon appropriate course readings and other academic literature to support your evaluation
Structure your work in accordance with the conventions of good academic writing and referencing
See the assessment three option A instruction sheet for more details on how to undertake this assessment.
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