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Statement of Work for Project Name
(This will be for one of your past or present projects. It the agreement between you the project manager and client and the supplier of services, goods and materials. Sometimes there are called service level agreements, project proposals, project briefs, variation agreements, contracts or sub-contracts etc)
Please include your name, student number and name of subject on the document.
Describe the scope of work to be done to detail and a brief summary of the project. Specify the services and materials required ie. for an IT project this would include hardware and software involved. Describe the exact nature of the work and sub-component of the main project that this statement of work will be related to.
Deliverables Schedule:
List specific deliverables, describe them in detail, and specify when they are due.
Describe where the work must be performed. Specify the location of equipment and where the people must perform the work
Period of Performance:
Specify when the work is expected to start and end, working hours, number of hours that can be billed per week, where the work must be performed, and related schedule information.
Payment Schedule
Specify costs (whether paid on milestone or installments, fixed price or time and materials) If volunteers are involved there may not be any costs or only travel or meal allowances ?
Specify any further sub-contractors involved – there may not be any.
Specify the representatives. You will be the Client representative as Project Manager (address details are not needed)
Contractor representative will be representative from supplier of services.
I. Risks and Assumptions:
Specify any known risks, assumptions and areas of responsibility
II. Stakeholders:
Specify any other relevant stakeholders
III. Applicable Standards:
Specify any company or industry-specific standards that are relevant to performing the work.
IV. Acceptance Criteria:
Describe how the buyer organization will determine if the work is acceptable.
V. Special Requirements or out of scope items:
Specify any special requirements such as hardware or software certifications, minimum degree or experience level of personnel, travel requirements, and so on. There may be specific out of scope requirements.

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 1363 words including References

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