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Student Name John Paul
Teachers Name Mrs Crabtree Date Submitted (???):
Feedback from student on assessment:
Please provide feedback on parts that your liked, didn’t like and areas for improvement about the assessment
Statement of Authenticity
I declare that the activities and tasks completed in this assessment are my own work. I am aware that if I have breached copyright law or plagiarism rules I may be required to complete additional assessment tasks and be disciplined under the Senior Assessment Policy.
Student Name John Paul Date (???):
You are to use the below checklist while working through your animation to ensure that all parts of the assessment have been completed. You can place a ? once you have completed a part.
Animation (Adobe Animate)
1920px by 1080px stage set @ 25 FPS (PAL) ?
Use of named layers ?
Use of library symbols (graphic/movie clip) where appropriate ?
Use of vector image creation techniques ?
Use of tweening techniques (movement) ?
Effective use of design and colour principles ?
Title of the animation (seen at some point throughout the animation) ?
Appropriate textual content ?
Music and sound effects ?
SPACE theme is clear in the storyline ?
Animation story makes sense and flows well linking to provided storyboard ?
Animation length MUST be between 20-30seconds in length ?
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Reflection Questions
Answered the following questions each a paragraph or two in length
1. Explain the storyline of your animation. ?
2. Explain any difficulties you faced when creating your animation and how you overcome them. (Planning, using in Animate to create the animation, completing all requirements etc.) ?
3. How did you ensure your animation suited the SPACE theme and stayed within the 20-30 second requirement? ?
4. What discussions did you have with your teacher and peers throughout the development of your animation? How did these discussions influence the development of your animation? ?
The following files within a folder with your name and Animation
(E.g. Crabtree, C – Animation) ?
• 2B - Checklist – Animation (this document) ?
• Reflection Document ?
• Resource folder (with all music/sound effects used) ?
• Animate file ?