Recent Question/Assignment

The purpose of this assessment is for you make judgements about your learning this session. Integral to professional practice is the ability to self-assess and make judgements about your own performance. The RN Standards for Practice require that you have this capability.
Throughout this subject, it is expected that you keep a journal. The journal is a record of your progress in the subject and should include a reflection of your thoughts and feelings about what you are reading and doing with the subject matter. You should also reflect on the discussions and activities in the modules. It is suggested that you make an entry each week as well as at the completion of each module. Your journal will not be marked but should provide rich data for the self-assessment. Your online discussion posts can also contribute to this assessment.
Your self-assessment provides an account of your learning over the semester. You do not have to use the following headings, but you should address the following in your self-assessment:
Learning Outcomes- Look at the subject learning outcomes, describe your thoughts and feelings at the beginning of the semester, how did you responded to them? Reflect on your development over the session, how did you change? Did you have other personal learning outcomes for the semester? If so, what were they?
Evidence — what evidence is there that you have met both the subject and your personal learning outcomes? Did you goals and personal learning outcomes change? Give some examples of the ways in which you can demonstrate the achievement of the learning outcomes and changes in your behaviour or practice. You should use evidence from your reflective journal/discussion forums.
Judgments- what is your assessment of your learning in this subject? Are there things you have learnt in the subject which were not related to the set learning outcomes? What is the most important thing you have learnt?
Further Action — what further actions do you need to take to further extend your learning and what aspects do you feel you have not pursued sufficiently within the confines of this subject?
Your self-assessment needs to contain sufficient inform ahoy to enable the subject coordinator to ascertain what learning activities you have engaged in and what you have learned.
You can present your self-assessment in whatever form you consider appropriate, for example, a description under each learning outcome or tabulated in a chart. It would be appropriate to include extracts from your journal in your self-assessment. Attachments may be appended to indicate evidence.