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MGT723 Research Proposal Final Report Marking Rubric
The breakdown of the marks and plan is as follows.
(Note: the marks allocated are not indicative of the proportion of total words):
• Data Analysis: Conduct and describe appropriate statistical analysis of the data /20
• Hypothesis Testing: Draw appropriate conclusions regarding the hypothesis based on the inferential data analysis. /10
• Discussion: convincingly and clearly discuss the implications for practice and theory /30
• Limitations: Clearly identify the limitations of the study. /10
• Further Research: Identify opportunities for further research based on the findings, and limitations, of your study. /10
• Spelling, Grammar and Referencing: Correct and consistent referencing and flawless spelling and grammar /10
• Referencing: correct and consistent intext referencing and Bibliography. /10
Unsatisfactory Satisfactory Excellent
Literature Summary Provide your one-page literature summary model from Task 1. Update if necessary
Conceptual Model Provide your one-page conceptual model from Task 1. Update if necessary
Hypotheses Provide your hypotheses – update if necessary
Descriptive Statistics Provide your descriptive statistics from Task 1. Update if necessary.
Data Analysis Statistical analysis is missing or inappropriate 0-9 Appropriate inferential statistical analysis is conducted, including further analysis
10-15 Appropriate and sufficient inferential statistical analysis is conducted without error.
Insightful further analysis
Hypothesis Testing Hypothesis testing is missing or incorrect 0-3 Hypothesis testing is conducted but there are some errors 4-6 Appropriate conclusions regarding the hypotheses based on the inferential statistics 7-10
Incomplete, vague or erroneous discussion 0-14 Discussion clearly follows from the data analysis 15-22 Clear and insightful discussion of the results and how they contribute to existing theory. Appropriate further analysis. 23-30
Limitations Limitation missing or poorly communicated 0-3 Limitations identified and clearly communicated 4-6 Insightful limitations based on the research design 7-10
Further Research No opportunities for further research identified 0-3 Opportunities for further research identified but not clearly communicated 4-6 Insightful opportunities for further research based on the literature and results convincingly communicated 7-10
Spelling and Grammar Many mistakes, difficult to understand 0-3 Few mistakes, easy to understand 4-6 No mistakes, clear and convincing expression 7-10
Referencing Numerous inconsistencies in referencing 0-3 Mostly correct and consistent referencing
4-6 Correct and consistent referencing
Plagiarism Failure to use quotation marks when using someone else’s words. Academic penalties, including failing the task, the course, and potentially exclusion from the university.