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Assignment 3: Final report. Due Thursday 29 September, 2018
Sections Description Max Marks
Comments updates • Appendix IV: Summary of the updates to the Assignment-2 based on the feedback and comments provided by the supervisors and the unit lecturer.
I’ll send you the assignment 2 feedback file. It has comments within the text and at the end as well. Kindly provide me that updated file and also in a separate document which tells what updates you had made to it. 8
5. Research methods to be used for the next stage of the project • Roles & responsibilities of each team member in next part of the capstone project.
• Research methods to be used for implementation of NTA Desiagn (include detailed plan for implementation with specific technique, technology, software, applications, hardware and other resources.
6. Conclusion Limitations and Future work • Conclusion
• Clear and concise limitations to implementation plan for actual physical implementation of design
• Future work 2
Report format • Final report format
I’ll send you the final template make this assignment according to that 4
Appendix V • ACS CBOK elements mapped appropriately to the project description and justified
I’ll send you the learning outcome and ACS CBOK elements file. Put that learning outcomes and CBOK elements that we did in these 3 assignments. 2
Total Marks 40
Presentation slides due Monday 29 september, 2018
1. Research methods to be used for next stage of project.
2. Limitations and conclusion Clear and concise to implementation plan for next stage of project.
(I’ll add previous slides myself just make me these 2 points in the presentation)
Individual Report
Self (Reflective journal) due 29 September
1. You have to write 4 such individual reports but each report should be different. One page is enough for each report. Just answer the questions given in the report. Each report should be different because every person had contributed to the assignment.
How effectively did you work and contribute to your group?
List at-least 2 of your contributions to the project. Were your behaviours valuable or detrimental to the team? Explain.
How do you justify your at-least 2 valuables/contributions to the team and at-least one detrimental to the team?
What did you learn about working in a group from this project that you will carry into your next group experience?