Recent Question/Assignment

Assessment 2: Web-based written assignment
Marks: 30% of total marks
Due Date: To be submitted in class at the start of Teaching Week 9 The Task:
This project allows you to replicate inflation and interest rate forecasting tasks in which you are required to collect current real-world market data on a country of your choice and use forecasting techniques and concepts from the course to analyse current market conditions and form a market view on the future direction of inflation and interest rates over the short, intermediate, and long terms. A written report to be submitted generally contains an introduction,
a brief description of methodology used, a presentation of your real-world data collected,
an analysis of the data (the focus of the assignment) using your knowledge and techniques learnt in the course,
a presentation of your views on the robustness of your analysis, and a conclusion.
Submission Instructions: A stapled hard copy of the written report to be handed in class at the start of Teaching Week 9
Marking Criteria: The report will be assessed using the marking rubric that will be made available on Canvas
Assessment 2: “Web-based assignment” (30% of total marks) To be due at start of teaching Week 9 The second assignment for the course requires that for any TWO countries of your choice, you make a prediction for interest rates and inflation over the short, intermediate, and long terms (it is up to you how you choose to define these terms). The basis of your predictions must be your examination of bond prices in that country for various durations. One recommendation for finding such prices is: Page 6** in the above address, insert ** = us, uk, germany, australia, or japan Allowing for a general Introduction and the statement of your methodology, the presentation of your data, your analysis (the heart of your assignment), as well as your views on the robustness of your analysis, and a Conclusion, two or three pages should be sufficient for your report.