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Total Weight:
Instructions: ECO202 –Macroeconomics
The assignment is worth 30% of the total unit weight.
1. Students are required to cover all stated requirements, penalty will apply for late sumbissions.
2. Your answer ONLY uploaded to Moodle in PDF file.
3. You need to support your answers with appropriate Harvard style references where necessary.
4. Copying each other's work or plagiarizing of any kind will receive a ZERO mark.
5. Please save the document as:
ECO202AT2_first name_Surename_Student Number
Eg: ECO202AT2_John_Smith_20180000
General Rules and Requirements:
• This assignment is weighted to 30%
• Font type should be Times New Roman (size 12), paragraph spacing should be equal to 1.5.
• An electronic copy of the assignment must be submitted via Turn-it-in
Similarity rate must be lower than 20%, between 20%-40%, you will receive penalty on your report, higher than 40%, you will fail your report immediately.
You are allowed to submit your report many times unit the due date (7 Oct 2018, 23 p.m. Sunday). You don’t need to delete previous report, you just need to resubmit it and the previous one will be replaced by the new one.
If you submit your report after the due date, you will receive 10% penalty on each day late unit zero mark. No excuses including medical certificate will be accepted. If you need any help: Good luck!
Please Answer The Following Four Discussion Questions (each worth 10 marks)
1. Explain four types of unemployment
2. Explain the advantages and disadvantages of:(a) A flexible exchange rate regime (b) A fixed exchange rate regime
3. Suppose the Reserve Bank of Australia increases the interest rate. What happens to the supply and demand for Australian dollars? Does the dollar appreciate or depreciate? Explain with words and a diagram.

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count:1159 words including Graphs and References

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