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Assessment: Presentation
Time Allocated: 15 Minutes (Note: Time will be strictly monitored. No exceptions.)
Due Date: Week 11 (Presentations will be held in the class)
Feedback: Presentations will be assessed by an Expert Panel and feedback will be provided through Canvas
Whether you are seeking investment to start your start-up or trying to raise the capital to grow, getting someone to part with a significant amount of money down the line is the ultimate test of your persuasion skills. Start-ups frequently prepare an “Investor Deck” to present their business idea/plan to prospective angel or venture capital investors. Raising capital from investors is difficult and time consuming, therefore, it’s crucial that an entrepreneur articulates a compelling and interesting story to nail his/her investor deck.
Based on your Business Plan, you are required to make an “Investor Deck” presentation that provides a good overview of your business (plan) to investors. An Investor Deck presentation emphasises specifically on the information that investors need while deciding “should I invest in this?” So, your presentation will be assessed on the basis of your ability to make a convincing and powerful investor deck.
Here is the link as the guideline to make the slide:
These 2 are some additional links that might help too:
Last but not least the presentation slides must related to the business plan that I had before. I will provide it in the email later on.

Editable Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation
Slide Count: 17 slides with Speaker Notes

Topic: Restaurant Business plan in Bali

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