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HC1082 Group Assessment
Group report: 2000 words
The assignment should be written in report format.
Suggested structure is as follows:
I. Company Background and Product/service Description
II. Target Market –describe their apparent target market
III. Marketing strategy
IV. Conclusion – Restate the most important points of your report.
It should have a coherent structure, with a clear beginning, body and conclusion. Line spacing should be 1.5, and sources of information used should be cited in the usual manner
Report (2000 words) –
Written report should focus on key ideas with an associated journal article for each idea and a discussion of which ideas are most important and why.
The report should demonstrate knowledge of theory and an appreciation of how to apply this theory to real world problems.
The report should be tightly argued with small steps of logic.
Key Recommendations must be clear.
Harvard referencing is required
HC1082 Group Presentation
Criteria Comments Mark
Company Background and Product/service Description
Target Market – describe their apparent target market
Marketing strategy
(Including recommendations) /6
Conclusion – Restate the most important points of your report.
Structure / professionalism and quality of visual elements /4
Total /15

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 2376 words including References

Editable Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation
Slide Count: 13 slides with Speaker Notes

Chosen Company is JETSTAR

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