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ITECH7406- Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing– 2018
Weighting – 20%
Learning Outcomes Assessed: S1,S2,S3,K3, K4, A1,A2
Purpose: To encourage and provide students on-hands experiences of using SAP Analytics tools to explore, extract and analyse enterprise data
This is a business analytics project aimed at generating innovative analytics solutions. It will allow students to show innovation and creativity in applying SAP Business Object/Predictive Analytics and designing useful visualization solutions and predictive models for different types of analytics problems.
The topic will be on environmental issues. Your main task is to apply any of the analytical tools to develop innovative analytics visualization solutions and predictive models with regards to environment, e.g. climate change, energy consumption, carbon footprint, greenhouse gas emission, pollution dashboard, etc. Besides the suggested datasets/sources, you may apply any other real-world dataset to illustrate your approach (the different datasets can be combined too). Please find the attached sample reports
Some datasets/sources:
Report Submission: Hard-copy to tutors/lecturers assignment box in week 10.
Doublesided printing for the hard-copy is encouraged in order to save paper.
You will also submit a 9-10 pages report (about 3000 words not counting cover page and references). At least 15 references in your report must be from peer reviewed sources. All sources of information must be included, as well as any person(s) you interviewed for this project.
Please note that all references must adhere to APA style. See and for details on how to format a report and how to cite references. Make sure your follow formal report structure with cover page, introduction, use of headings, subheadings, conclusion sand reference section.
You are reminded to read the “Plagiarism” section of the course description. Your essay should be a synthesis of ideas from a variety of sources expressed in your own words.
University Referencing/Citation Style Guide:
The University has published a style guide to help students correctly reference and cite information they use in assignments (American Psychological Association (APA) citation style, or Australian citation style
Reports are to be presented in hard copy in size 12 Arial Font and double spaced. Your report should include a list of references used in the essay and a bibliography of the wider reading you have done to familiarize yourself on the topic.
A passing grade will be awarded to assignments adequately addressing all assessment criteria. Higher grades require better quality and more effort. For example, a minimum is set on the wider reading required. A student reading vastly more than this minimum will be better prepared to discuss the issues in depth and consequently their report is likely to be of a higher quality. So before submitting, please read through the assessment criteria very carefully.
ITECH7406- Business Analytics
Assignment 1- Data Analysis- Marking Scheme
Percentage 20%
Due Week 11(Friday 5pm) – Hard and Soft Copies
Tasks Max
Marks Marks
Awarded Comments
What are the BI reporting solution/dashboards you will need to develop for the Senior Executives of chosen data Set– You must have at least two types of analytics i.e
Predictive/prescriptive/ descriptive 10
Design Mobile application using QSR code for your insights /solutions/dashboard – Please provide your QSR code in your assignment 10
Justify why these BI reporting solution/dashboards are chosen and why those attributes are present and laid out in the fashion you proposed (feel free to include all other relevant justifications using the academic articles). Note: To ensure that you discuss this task properly, you must include visual samples of the reports you produce (i.e. the screenshots of the BI report/dashboard must be presented and explained in the written report; use ‘Snipping tool’), and also include any assumptions that you may have made about the analysis in your assignment report (i.e. the report to the senior executive team of the company). 10
Furthermore, the CEO would like to improve the operations. Based on your BI analysis and the insights gained from “Data Set”, make some logical recommendations to the CEO, and justify why/how your proposal could enhance company operations, sales etc. Include the relevant screenshots of the BI analysis, and also any assumptions that you may have made about the analysis. 10
Report is well-written and presented professionally, containing:
• Title page
• Executive Summary (outlining the scope of report, key findings and recommendations)
• Table of Contents
• Appropriate use of headings within report
• Appropriate use of figures (i.e. graphs, summary tables) and
• References (APA Style)- in text and bibliography (10 articles)
Total Marks 50
Total Marks out of 20 20%

A ZIP Archive with 4 files including Word Document, .lumx file, .pbix file and .csv file

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 3339 words including References

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