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Negative gearing is a feature of the Australian tax system where losses (including interest expenses) on investments can be used to reduce the tax payable on the taxpayer’s other income, such as their salary income.
Some have advocated for the removal of negative gearing. Discuss the arguments for and against the removal of negative gearing. In your discussion, please consider this in the context of fairness, efficiency, protection of government revenue and any other relevant considerations.
• Max 1500 words
• AGLC/Harvard Referencing
• Please use rubric as guide
Fail (N)
0-49% Unsatisfactory Pass (P)
50-59% Satisfactory Credit (C)
60-69% Good Distinction (D)
70-79% Very good High Distinction (HD)
80-100% Exemplary
Critical Thinking and Analysis Insufficient analysis of topic
Main arguments are either not made or unsound Little analysis of issues
Main arguments are unclear or underdeveloped, or not well supported. Some analysis of issues
Some arguments may lack a critical analysis
Research Some important resources overlooked
Limited discussion of key resources
Further analysis and discussion required to justify arguments Competently researched
Good use of sources to support arguments, but further identification and application of important resources required
Good discussion of key issues arising from question Good analysis. Arguments
developed supported
Well argued, demonstrates some critical evaluations. A thorough critical analysis of the issues raised
Persuasively argued, demonstrating critical evaluation.
and Presentation ·Some organisation but structure and clarity lacking at times
· Generally conformed with instructions · Generally organised and coherent
· Generally conformed with instructions Well researched
Appropriate use of sources to support arguments
Very good discussion of issues with good reference to quality materials Thoroughly researched
Effective use of sources to support argument
Sources accurately and appropriately used

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Word Count: 1828 words including References

Title: Negative gearing is a feature of the Australian tax system

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