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1. When preparing budgets and estimations for a project what areas would you
take into consideration when creating the financials for a project?
Explain the ethical consideration you will make to ensure you are compliant
and your behaviour is in line with:
a. financial legislation (8 marks)
b. taxable transactions (8 marks)
c. and consistent with reporting requirements. (8 marks)
2. Whether the company is Woolworths or the local corner store all businesses
require a suitable process for recording and managing financial data. Explain
the purpose of recording and using information management systems in a
business and how are these used to support the company. (8 marks)
3. When changes are made to the aims and goals of the organisation good
communication is required.
a. Describe the communication processes you will use to ensure these are
communicated systematically to staff and relevant personnel. (5 marks)
b. Why would you need a systematic process?
4.You have been asked to consider the finance options for the possible purchase of new equipment and the refurbishment of the office, the budget will be $75,000.
Using the internet, research and prepare a report on the cost and rate of interest for finance options available and answer the following questions:
a. What are the strength and weakness of each finance options (16 marks)
b. What are the tax benefits of each option
c. What if any is the risk of choosing one option over another. The options are to include at least the following:
Purchased outright with current funds available
Leased over 3 to 5 years, with a balloon payment at the end of the contract, based on your evaluations you are to select how much this will be.
Hire purchase over 5 years the monthly repayments, there is no final payment
Bank loan over 10 years monthly
5.Based on the Security Dealing Policy and Risk Management Policies for Woolworths located at, We Are/Corporate Governance/. Evaluate these policies for relevance in the retail industry and write a brief report to give your evaluation.

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Word Count: 6047 words including Diagrams, References and Appendices


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