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NIT6120 Mobile Applications
Assignment 1 (10%)
An Android Application Requirement
Due Date: Week 7 Sunday 11:00 pm
Demonstration on Week 8 during the lab
This assignment will test your Android development skills and is worth 10% of your overall unit mark. This is an individual assignment.
You are required to create a Taekwondo grading app for City West Taekwondo(CWT) Trading Centre.
CWT trains students on martial arts and at the end of the training conducts a grading to award a qualification also called a belt. The different belts are white, yellow, blue, orange, green and black. Grading examinations are run at different times.
Find example below:
Instructors of CWT conducting the grading examination use different grading forms for each examination. Examinations run at different times depending upon the level. A sample grading form for Yellow Belt stripe 1 is attached as Appendix 1.
Students fill in the top part of the form and submit to admin a week before the grading. Each student is assigned a specific examiner. The examiner follows the form to grade the student. At this stage for each criterion, a range of scores 1 – 5 is given and the examiner selects one of the option ranges 1 to
5. The range of scores could change based on the clients requirements.

Appendix 1
NIT6120 Assignment 1
Grading Criteria
Student ID Name:
Grading Criteria Marks Marks obtained
Pass Grading assessment table must be presented with at least three screens
Result should be presented in a new screen with the final score.
Correct functionality for calculating the score
Correct layout
Correct usage of widgets (labels, buttons, etc)
2 mark
1 mark
2 marks
2 mark
2 mark
6 mark
Credit Ability to retrieve student details
Ability to update student records
2 marks
1 mark
Distinction Ability to store/retrieve grading assessments
Ability to add comments on each grading assessments
2 marks
1 mark
Distinction Ability to logon for instructors properly
Ability to store and retrieve all data (grading assessment, students and grading timetable) from database. Must use multiple relational tables.
2 marks
2 marks
Total 25 marks
Weight 10% /10