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BIT232 Systems Design & Development
Assessment 1
Systems Design Report
Assignment Due Date: Week 8 (Draft due in Week 7, .Accounts to 20% of the overall mark.)
Report Synopsis:
This assignment requires a report to be submitted documenting the design elements specified in the task list below based on the ChemExec case study (Uploaded on Moodle).
1. Create a detailed schedule outlining your plans for the next 7 weeks in order to deliver the tasks specified. This should cover what design decisions must be made and who should make them; what tasks must be performed and in what order; how the project will be managed and controlled;
2. Specify the technical requirements of this system based on inputs, process and outputs. Create a list of any additional equipment that l will need to be purchased in order to support the new system. Provide cost estimates of the equipment
3. Design the environment for the system by drawing a network diagram including what might be necessary to support online chatting capabilities. Identify Internet connections, VPNs, and telephony links as appropriate.
4. ChemExec has users who process orders in ChemExec’s office and users who both place orders as well as monitor order information from nursing homes. From the use case (and the activity and sequence diagrams).
i. Design 3 separate menu hierarchies for each of the Use Cases ‘“Enter New Order’, ‘Create Case Manifest’ and “Record Order Fulfillment”
ii. Write out the steps of the dialogs for the place new order, create manifest and record order fulfilment use cases and create storyboards for each of these demonstrating the interaction with web pages.
? Create the web pages using a suitable tool. This could be done on a web development package (Dreamweaver or Aptana Studio) or for example in Word or PowerPoint, the idea being not to develop a working prototype but rather to provide a mock-up of the interface.

Assessment Requirements
The report is a PROJECT , however, student will receive an overall 20% of the overall mark.
A progress report and draft will be submitted for feedback during week 7
They must conduct a professional walkthrough of their document lasting a maximum of 15 minutes to be delivered to the tutor during the workshop session in week 8 of the semester.
Your report must include:
• Assignment Cover Page: (Use the cover sheet provided. Include the Title, Assignment number, Student Names and IDs, Subject)
• Title page (Name of report who it is prepared for, and authors)
• Executive summary (1 paragraph)
• Table of contents
• The relevant design documents requested in the task list
• References/ Bibliography
• A footer to include your team’s student IDs, and page number.
Students in the team should contribute equally and equitably to the team effort.

Submission of Assignments
The report, as a whole, must be submitted by the team leader. Each student must submit their section separately as specified below.
You need to submit your assignment on Moodle and TURNITIN.
Prior to submission of your assignment you will be required to check for authenticity and originality using the “TURNITIN” facility. The link can be accessed via Moodle.
All assignments must be submitted as an electronic file with an electronic cover sheet. The assignment cover sheets are available on your subject’s Moodle. Under no circumstances must you submit your assignment via email or to your teacher unless otherwise instructed.
• Please ensure that all assignments are handed in by the due date and with the appropriate Assignment Cover Sheet. Assignments handed in past the due date may not be accepted or may incur penalty points.
• Please ensure that you abide by Melbourne Polytechnic’s Rules and Regulations
Submission of Late Assignments
A penalty of 10% of marks received per day will be applied where assignments are submitted after the due date UNLESS a request in writing has been submitted by the due date together with relevant documentation including a medical certificate where appropriate.
Academic and Professional Standards
Plagiarism is the inclusion of another person’s work within your submission without acknowledgment or permission. While limited amounts of information and concepts expressed by others may be included as part of your work, each inclusion must be identified by appropriate referencing and acknowledgement to the original author. Plagiarism is regarded as a form of cheating, the penalties associated with misconduct are severe, and plagiarism may result in failure or variation of grade in the unit. For more information on the rights and responsibilities of students, grievance and appeal procedures see NMIT/1R/11 Student Discipline

Marking Scheme
All assessments (except for final examination) and feedback are provided via the MOODLE site and in classes.
Assessment Tasks: Due Date Subject Learning Outcomes Course Learning Outcomes MP Graduate Attributes %Weight Comments
Assessment 1
Report - Suggested topic: specify the design of an information system, based on a given analysis report of a system or network. The design will include, based on inputs, process and outputs:
• menu tree structure
• user interface design
• technical requirements
This assessment may be undertaken as a group activity. (1,000 words) Draft 10%, Final 25% Walk-through Week 7
Final Week 8 a, b, c, d 1,2,3 A,B,C,D 25% Group
Assessment 2
Design refinement - The student will refine the initial design developed in the previous report, which will include:
• Sequence diagrams for selected use cases
• Design class diagrams including method signatures, attribute types, navigation and visibility
• Specification and justification of security precautions and techniques
• A relational database schema in 3NF
• Selection and justification of a deployment strategy
• A risk management analysis detailing any possible risks to the project design and implementation
(1,000 words) Week 12 b, d, e 1,2,3 A,B,C,D 25% Group
Assessment 3 - Examination – Written assessment of knowledge and application of system design. (2.5 hours) End of Semester b, c, d, e 1,2,3 A,B,C,D 50% Individual

Assessment 1B – Team Project – Marking Scheme
Design Document has appropriate content 30 marks
Design Schedule 4
Technical requirements specifications based on inputs, processes and outputs 6
Hardware/Software specifications (list of equipment) and costing 5
Network diagram 7
Design Menu hierarchies and story board for the specific uses cases 8
Report Layout 5 marks
Report structure, format and presentation 1.5
Executive Summary 1
Appropriate references 1
Spelling/Grammar/clarity 1.5
Walkthrough 10 marks
Content 5
? Clear outline of the report and recommendations
? Covered report contents
? Demonstrated knowledge of material
Delivery 5
? Timing
? Pitch – Presented to business audience
? Quality of vocabulary /professional use of language
? Spoke clearly and confidently/ regulated pitch and volumn
Peer Assessment (20% of final group marks allocated based on PA) 10 marks
Unauthorised Late submission deduction (10% per day)
The presentation and team mark may be reduced if a student does not participate appropriately. The reduction is at the discretion of the lecturer/tutor
Failure to attend the walkthrough assessment without approval will result in a mark of ZERO being awarded Team score (including PA) 45
Walkthrough 10

A ZIP Archive with 2 files including Word Document and Project files

Available Assignment 1 only

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 1206 words including References

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